The sleek kitchen appliances in this gift guide will elevate the cooking experience for every home chef

There are few things that invoke cherished memories as food does. We reminiscence and come together with food – the smell of freshly baked cookies waiting for us after school or the intoxicating waft of waffles stacking up. Even as an adult, our morning burst of energy begins with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, before the brew even hits our lips! Food is an essential part of our daily routine, an aspect the quarantine has only amplified and a lot of our energy and efforts go into creating these meals. Whether you know an accomplished cook or a beginner who has to check YouTube on how to boil pasta or an avid multitasker or those whose morning routines could do with a sous chef – the unique kitchen appliances listed in this gift guide will be of help. Each of these curated designs are made with love and attention to detail that will also reflect in your gift giving this season and are sure to win the hearts of their receivers!

1. Cheat Sheets

Gif 2_cheat sheets

A product that is sure to be a winner in every kitchen – the Cheat Sheets are an inspired design that makes us marvel at the sheer simplicity of its genius. The Cheat Sheets are silicone containers that allow us to use the same baking tray to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, without compromising on the cooking time and without the unique flavors merging into one another. Place your individual food items in their containers and let them bake – and with Cheat Sheets you have the luxury to remove each ingredient as it is done. No more overcooked mush or undercooked food that comes with a bite. Time-saving, space-saving and energy-saving, the Cheat Sheets are every kitchen’s essential.

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2. Tidy Board

While cooking is a joy, we rarely get to cook the way it is shown by our favorite chefs – who have all the ingredients cut, measured and ready for use. To avoid the mess that kills the joy of cooking, the Tidy Board is here the knight in a shining armor! Designed to reduce your prep and clean-up time in half, the Tidy board places strainers, catches and containers into the brackets created at the end of the cutting board that allow you to divide and segregate your food as you prep. These containers keep you organised, so your food waste and the chopped produce is easily separated and your countertop remains clean. The hanging nature of the containers also means it reduces the countertop space used, making it easy to use in tiny kitchens as well.

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3. Botanium

Have an indoor planter and let it look pretty in the kitchen with the Botanium. This minimalistically designed plant-killer-proof design comes with a self-watering function and grows your plant using soil-less technology. Cool, right? The process is simple – you fill the tank with water and add the nutrients, fill up with the growing medium and plant seeds and plug the Botanium in to watch your plant grow. Each single plant design allows you to grow herbs, flowers or even produce like chillies. The form factor of the planter also amplifies the beauty of the design by looking like a vase that holds your blooming plant. No more running to the grocery store for those little herbs we need to make our dish just perfect!

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4. ANAORI Kakugama

If you know a friend who wishes to have a sous chef at their disposal, we have a Japanese invention that might just do the trick. The ANAORI kakugama merges tradition with modern design with the motto to maximize the potential of the food we eat by causing the least amount of damage to the ingredients while being cooked. To achieve this, this multifunctional cooking tool is made out of carbon graphite and it lets us steam, poach, simmer, grill and even fry with this one design. The cubic block is heavy with the carbon graphite design carrying great heat retention and the Japanese cypress lid imbibes the food with an added aroma reminiscent of the Japanese countryside. The ANAORI kakugama carries its Japanese roots with pride and we can see it with the zen way they capture the essence or umami of the food and using cooking only to amplify the original food flavors.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2460

5. Prepdeck Gen 2

For those who love cooking and carrying their own tools to cook, the Prepdeck will have them sorted. This sleek design is a master of organisation, allowing you to carry about 45 ingredients simultaneously along with carrying tools that let you slice, shred, grate, juice and more. The Prepdeck also holds a foldable cutting board, keeping the user ready to get to work in a moment notice. Chop, store your ingredients and their trash separately, hold your knives and a unique set of tools to help you for to stay tidy, organised and efficient as the user goes about setting up for the ultimate Masterchef worthy dish!

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6. Moulin Salt Grinder

Moulin Salt

Salt, fat, acid, heat – these are the foundations of any meal and the Moulin Salt Grinder grinds your salt to a precise degree. Made from engineered ceramic burrs, zirconia bearings and marine-grade stainless steel components, this salt mill will salt any dish to perfection. The grinder comes with an exterior setting of 0-9 that controls the salt size and volume with a simple twist. The mill allows a user to go from coarse to fine salt without having to dip their cooking hands (covered with a healthy layer of food already) into different salt containers each time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $320

7. The Porthole infuser

Talk about eye candy and we know this infuser is set to light any dining table on fire (not literally) with its sleek design. The circular shaped infuser is inspired by the windows found on a submarine, while in a poetic way, it allows everyone to glimpse at the ingredients getting infused. The Porthole is actually quite obvious in what its functions are – you can easily use it to infuse any cocktail, syrups, oils, dressings or even brew artisanal teas at home and elevate daily culinary experiences.

Click Here to Buy Now: $125

8. JoGo

JoGo Gif

The heart wrenching picture of humanity’s plastic usage and dependence on single-use plastic has peaked and while we are finally on the correct path to improve our impact on the world, the fight has just begun. One great member of this fight is the JoGo Straw – an eco-friendly and reusable design that lets you filter out your brew while you sip your coffee. The JoGo is a success on multiple levels as it simplifies the coffee making process – you can simply drop a scoop of coffee in your mug and add hot water, pop your JoGo in and done! No need to hassle with filter papers and the result is a coffee that boasts of the strength of a French Press and made as easily as mixing instant coffee powder. As a hidden surprise, the JoGo allows you to sip directly, bypassing your teeth and also reduces the chance of staining teeth of caffeine addicts!

Click Here to Buy Now: $24.95

9. Midnight Slice

Multifunctional tools have a special place in everyone’s heart and the Midnight Slice is one such unique tool that starts by slicing your pizza and works it way across the kitchen. The Midnight Slice is the world’s first pizza and food cutter and it comes across as the king of all pizza slicers ever made. Balancing the knife’s weight, its high quality blade and an ergonomic handle allows it to cut through tough meat, veggies and herbs with ease. The magic also lies with the Midnight Slice’s handle – the design allows the user to put pressure on ingredient being chopped, allowing for finer cuts with minimal efforts!

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10. LARQ Pitcher

In the unique Venn diagram of technology and kitchen appliances, LARQ is a clear winner on multiple levels. Designed by the CES and Red Dot Award-winning LARQ team, this portable pitcher takes multiple steps to deliver safe drinking water in a pitcher. The top of the LARQ houses a  sleek filtration system that includes a plant based carbon-filter that delivers 1.9 liter of purified water. The Pitcher is designed with care to enable one handed refilling, the end result being a smart and sustainable pitcher that’s a perfect fit for every modern home.

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