Hand-Held Fussy Mother with LEDs

For fathers, too! This little machine, designed by designer Yasuhiro Akama, reports in the most simplest of terms whether the air is safe for breathing (for babies or for you!) If brought into the underground streets of Coruscant, this machine doth surely explode. Check out its simplicity.

Let me tell you about this thang. It has a clip. You can clip it on to your baseball hat if you are a hipster. Then, if you also have weak lungs, you can pay attention to the lights it emmits: Red light means dirty air, White light means “normal condition” air, Green light means that the air is clean.

Assuming this device works perfectly and is self-cleaning, what would you use it for? I bet police would love to have one of these to use in place of a breathalyzer:

“TOO STINKY – happy new year to you – IN JAIL”

Designer: Yasuhiro Akama


  • Brian says:

    Far too small to adequately register dirty versus clean air – it looks like it can barely hold the LEDs that light it up. Interesting concept but needs more work (and new technologies).

  • zippyflounder says:

    why not build the sensor into a bluetooth head set and use the cells massive cpu and memeory to do all the bit wiggling. If the sensor reads a harmful situation it screams “hold your breath were in for a bumpy ride” or emits (as one of the current propular iphone apps) a loud flatulance warning (hydrogen sulfide). Lets face it, the cell is just to easy a thing not to plug a zillion functions on to, its got the HP and everybody hauls one around (even zippy, but mine is a motorola brick from the 80’s).

  • MadCow says:

    quite a pleasing aesthetic… however, the bigger question is what do we do when when that thing turns bright red? just stop breathing? this is just half the solution to the problem… i’m sure this question crossed the designer’s mind somewhere in the design process… did the designer just stop designing half way through?

  • Hadley says:

    Great concept…cool design. Would be nice to have if it really works. I overheard a news story about a carbon monoxide leak while a family was on vacation. I know they have portable detectors, but it’d be nice to have something so small and easy to carry.

  • Eric says:

    By the time they got the miniature air cleanliness detector working perfectly I would hope there would be no more fossil fuels burning… I would hope… But like others have said, if it just warns you of ‘bad’ air what do we do about it? Should we all be carrying face masks, or can they include one when you buy this?

  • avin says:

    very nice, i would love something like this as i am very sensitive to dirty air.
    perhaps this can be woven into fabric and used in house holds or in office and when then wall turns a different color, you know it’s time to open the window or shut it, in some cases.

  • powers says:

    Yeah, It’s a nice thought, but my grandfather can’t even get a blood sugar meeter that gives an accurate reeding, and those things have been around forever. Just another one of those Star Trek technologies that science hasn’t quite caught up to yet.

  • sibel says:

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  • sibel says:

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  • Jimmy C says:

    Now I try not to be negative about people's designs, but I really think this is a useless design. I've never known of anyone who died from breathing a little city air. Maybe you could give it to a policeman, but then you'd need a screen to tell exactly how drunk the person is.
    And besides that, no offence, but it looks like a light up tampon.

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