Hand-Held Fussy Mother with LEDs

For fathers, too! This little machine, designed by designer Yasuhiro Akama, reports in the most simplest of terms whether the air is safe for breathing (for babies or for you!) If brought into the underground streets of Coruscant, this machine doth surely explode. Check out its simplicity.

Let me tell you about this thang. It has a clip. You can clip it on to your baseball hat if you are a hipster. Then, if you also have weak lungs, you can pay attention to the lights it emmits: Red light means dirty air, White light means “normal condition” air, Green light means that the air is clean.

Assuming this device works perfectly and is self-cleaning, what would you use it for? I bet police would love to have one of these to use in place of a breathalyzer:

“TOO STINKY – happy new year to you – IN JAIL”

Designer: Yasuhiro Akama