Now That’s a Grassy Phone

In today’s rapid consumerist society, consumption comes into question. How durable do we want our devices to be when they become near obsolete in 5 years? The source materials that make up their build often take hundreds of years to break down. An alternative ideology are disposable products made from natural sources. The Natural Year Phone is made of hay, sans screen and soft keys. The hard components get recycled while the hay is um. . . well I wouldn’t smoke it.

Designer: Je-Hyun Kim


  • Ekove says:

    fun concept. Could’ve worked more on the graphics though

  • Tal says:

    What’s the battery going to be made of?

  • Keith says:

    Kind of rediculous, as they can make bioplastics that work the same way and look like regular plastic.

  • brain says:

    “hundreds”?!? No no no. Try THOUSANDS or TENS OF THOUSANDS. Longer in a landfill. And when plastic “breaks down” it breaks down into toxic chemicals.

    We are not-so-slowly converting the entire planet’s soil into poisoned dirt.

    This is a very serious problem! Much more serious than “oooh, what if we could make phones out of GRASS!!!”

    Compostable plastics, people. As Keith says, they already exist. The real problem is the metal components, the silicon chips and the battery. And the board the circuits are on is STILL made of non-compostable plastic.

    Vote with your dollars people.

    • zippyflounder says:

      yes vote with your dollars, dont “upgrade” every 6 months to get some new features you may never use. Recycling is wonderful, fully support it, and it works real well with rational consumerism.

  • pepinthewicked says:

    You know, plastic — like regular ABS, PC, Polypro, Acrylic and especially PET – is very easily recycled. Like brian said, the electronics present the problem. This is one of the silliest ‘green gadget’ concepts I’ve seen yet.

  • VJESCI says:

    .you expect me to give up my lawn line? …for this?

  • Johanna Johnson says:

    This phone is straight out of that Cheech & Chong movie “Up in Smoke” only they had an entire van made out of grass!

  • Lindsay says:

    Spotted on Yanko Design- The biodegradable Natural Year Concept Phone (Made of hay, sans screen and soft keys)

  • Golan says:

    The phone should come with a bong 🙂

  • kiran says:

    Okay, so I get the statement Je-Hyun Kim is trying to make. I think it’s one everyone in design and manufacturing and sales should seriously consider if the pricepoint for producing such things is reasonable.

    I wonder if people are ready to purchase personal devices that biodegrade in X years. I think two years is too fast.

    Maybe 10 years is reasonable? It would be long enough that the product be it a cell phone or laptop, would no longer be desirable by anyone.

  • metal says:

    How is this on yankodesign? OMG… I will stop reading yankodesign right now…

  • hanz says:

    lol, this could be useful then…use it as a phone, after two years, smoke it! lol! hahahaha!

  • salenarose says:

    omg that is actually genius!!!
    i mean think about it… how many people get new phones each year?
    if this one lasts two years, then cool 😛
    I WOULD BUY IT ^.^

  • reficulwasp says:

    telefone de maconha ^^ *.*

  • Azim says:

    wow, so natural.
    Love it

  • Ryan says:

    Great idea, however i don't think it would be comfortable to use, and the hay would get everywhere. If you got one of these phones, i think a case would be a must.

  • Lauren says:

    its a good idea but for people like me who dont want to buy a new phone every year or two or their phone takes abuse daily, it would be a bad idea. maybe thats one of those finer detail answers that isnt in this article. but definitely a neat idea for those people who get a new phone every 6months to a year.

  • Tamy says:

    Superb idea and it looks so new!! GO GREEN.

  • Is it really possible to make phone from hay!

  • Zero says:

    Wouldn't you be making the environment worse by buying these, as you would probably buy more than one, and a regular phone may last you years?

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