The Charger You Want and the Charger You Need, All In One

Almost all phones today have wireless charging built into them, but not many of us own wireless chargers. The reason would probably be that we haven’t been weaned off the charging port and cable yet. You get a cable and charger inside the box when you buy a new smartphone and you get used to the idea of plugging your phone in to revive its battery, so the incentive to make the switch to wireless charging isn’t particularly strong.

The pros and cons with wireless charging are worth looking at too. The obvious pro is its convenience. Place the phone on a surface and it instantly begins charging. The con obviously is the limiting factor. You can’t really use or lift your phone up while it’s charging or it stops. An angled wireless charger helps by charging your phone while propping it up, but once again, you can’t lift the phone off its surface to answer calls or even click pictures.

Enter the THINGS Hybrid Charger. Built with the convenience of both world, the wireless/wired charger comes with both a wireless charging surface, and a concealed wire. Prop the phone on the slanted charging surface for easy charging, with the added ability of accessing the phone’s features without lifting the smartphone. When you DO need to lift the smartphone off, pull the hidden, retractable cable from underneath the wireless charger and plug your phone in, charging it while you talk on the phone, or type texts comfortably. Once you’re done, you can either leave the cable in, or go back to wireless charging.

The THINGS Hybrid Charger combines the pros of both charging methods (canceling out the cons, effectively), and gives you, as a result, a charger that works effectively, and efficiently. The wireless charging surface comes with two coils that not only charge your phone faster, they also let you charge your phone in both portrait and landscape. An LED belt underneath the charging surface lights up to tell you your phone is charging. Behind the LED belt lies the retractable charging cable that can extend anywhere between 10cm and 80cm. The cable comes wound within a convenient cartridge that sits on the lower end of the Hybrid charger, and can be easily swapped, allowing you to switch between Lightning, MicroUSB, and Type-C connectors.

The charger market isn’t a particularly large one yet, with no big players… especially with Apple leaving us high and dry with the AirPower. Hybrid chargers are sure to be making the waves soon, and the THINGS has sure managed to iron out the wrinkles with existing chargers, creating a charging solution that just might be the most effective, and most versatile one yet!

Designer: THINGS Studio

Click here to Buy Now: $39.00 $59.00 (33% off)


THINGS Hybrid Charger is the world’s first wireless and wired charger.


Clean charging environment.


Faster and neat retractable cable charging when wire charging is needed.

Perfect for an incoming call when you are out of battery.

Or when you want to play games while charging wirelessly.


Retractable cable is freely adjustable (10 – 80cm).


Charge your power bank, speaker, portable fan, etc while charing your phone at the same time.


Easy replacement if by chance the retractable cable breaks.


Compatible with all three types of cables.


Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and qi certification to be applied. It charges up to four times faster than conventional charging.


A smartphone that is compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 is able to be charged from 0 to 80% in approximately 35 minutes.


Two coils allow for fast wireless charging in both horizontal and vertical directions.


Click here to Buy Now: $39.00 $59.00 (33% off)