More Impossibles from Mac: “Tired of Numbers”

Mac Funamizu names his newest project a little too well, calling the desktop hygrometer and thermometer “Tired of Numbers.” Yanko Design is, incase you were unaware, primarily a blog about design concepts. Project after project, time after time, Mac Funamizu defines the Yanko motto: “Form Beyond Function.” And I mean that in as positive a manner as possible!

These objects are pretty self-explainitory, with the exception of a detail from Mac: “Red circles become blue when the temperature becomes negative.” Wild ideas! I wouldn’t mind the temp one for my desk. These were probably thought of about 15 years too late. They’d have been right at home amongst the rest of the colored-water objects sold at the fun-science stores in the Mall of America all that time ago.

For more extreme Mac action, click his name below.

Designer: Mac Funamizu