See and Behold; God’s Skull of the Ocean

Given the amazing economic state that we’re in, and the fact that you’re certainly one of those lucky recipients of those six-figure holiday bonuses, you’re more than ready to hear the full details behind the “Oculus.” This yacht’s unique shape “is representative of the jaw and eye socket bone structure of large oceanic fish and mammals.” What does that tell you? It’s not quite [biomimicry], but it does really look at home in the sea.

Designer E. Kevin Schopfer has hell-of details:

Oculus is the first “design launch” of Schöpfer Yachts LLC. This 250-foot vessel was designed by E. Kevin Schöpfer, founder and owner of his namesake company. Designed to accommodate 12 guests in extraordinary comfort and style, Oculus is a long distance cruising yacht capable of speeds upwards of 25 knots. The exterior styling is representative of the jaw and eye socket bone structure of large oceanic fish and mammals. Featuring a dramatic reverse bow configuration, the yacht’s armature balances an elegant expression of symmetry and structure. In addition to the bow, Oculus also features a “low rider profile”. This slightly lowered surface allows for new side recreational areas, alternate dockage access and light cruising openness.

Lateral retractable side panels close this area when heavier wave action is indicated. The interior features of Oculus focus on a 12 foot high ceiling in the main salon, a cylindrical double height dining room, central stair and elevator tube, and seemingly anatomical ceiling and floor lighting extensions giving definition to the seating areas. The second level is the dedicated Owner’s suite.

Living areas and bedchambers are divided by a series of four freestanding tubes, which house bath and storage necessities.

For further details about ordering one of these, or of course if you want more details for other reasons, post questions below and I’m sure Mr. Schopfer would be happy to let you know what you want to hear.

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Designer: E. Kevin Schopfer


  • Eric says:

    I wouldn’t be upset if a friend owned this and I got to visit it every now and then…

  • Arc says:

    This is.. magnificent…

  • Keith says:

    This is pretty cool. I am however, not a fan of the specific layout of the main salon area. It looks like an area for four different groups of people, rather than a large area to interact with and entertain everyone together. Although I certainly wouldn’t mind owning it.

    • casey says:

      i agree. although i do understand that designers like to manipulate the movement of the occupants within the space they created, i must say that the function would be better off with an open space for open interaction.

      • casey says:

        i think the business chairs are what disturbs me the most. when the boat is considered a vehicle on top of the waves, im not sure the comfortability of them will actually… you know.. rather have some sofas on the side and other places here and there.

        • Keith says:

          That is exactly what I was thinking, sofas surrounding the main area. Maybe have two big half-circle sofas facing each other with space in between.

    • zippyflounder says:

      A bigger problem is the celing hight, in most boats its kept low not just to get more levels on the thing but for safety. If you watch any old show on ww2 ship, they are bouncing around like mad, so imagine if your in the middle of that salon and the boat falls off a 3 meter wave…wheee indoor bungie jumping.

      The designer here knows their stuff, and mostly this class of yacht never sees rough weather with the owners abord. The real purpose is to give the owner a “WHOLY SNIT” over his buddies.

  • CrashOverride says:

    This is damn sexy

  • zippyflounder says:

    so much to like here but damnnnnn i love a tradional bow, you know rakish not ummmm blunt.

  • banmojo says:

    I like unconventional designs, this one is quite impressive. Definitely needs some massive anti-piracy BFGs installed, maybe some torpedoes and laser guided missiles too. After all, out on the water, a yacht is any man’s kingdom!!

  • JChristopher says:

    12 people for 250 foot boat? That is enough room for each of them to be a hermit.

  • dhuuudhe says:

    I hate you.

  • Barton Smith says:

    Some very nice surfaces in there.

  • Gary says:

    This thing is a montrosity. If you like this you probably belong to the artsy-fartsy nose in the air crowd that hangs around “art” shows sipping Bling H2O bottled water (@ $36+ per bottle). Yeah, and you’re probably dumb enough to pay six figures for a piece of “art” that most people wouldn’t wipe their backsides with. This salon is a match for the coldest, most sterile looking space I’ve seen anywhere. An apt botch job for anyone who places more value on bling appeal than substance or function and is only interested in “wowing” their equally stupid peers.

    • Petah says:

      very well put Billy Bob

    • Lewis says:

      Not at all. It’s called “taste”. Some people have different tastes than you, thus they like the pure white surfaces, the crisp lines and the sterility of the yacht. Maybe YOU can’t see substance, but I and many others can.

  • william says:

    it truly is great fascinating i love this i would definetley buy it

  • alex says:

    no mames, gorgeous, donde vive este wey para….

  • stephen russell says:

    Radical, very cool for 007 use?
    Id charter this for HI alone.
    “Minnow 2”.
    Way 2 cool not to set sail in.
    Add hybrid engines & AC battery modules.
    unique shape & hull.
    Produce this
    Sales & Charters alone.

  • Daniel says:

    :O NICE 😀

  • Nick says:

    cool but must be expensive

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