Touch Me Michael, I Drive Just for You

You love light-up cars, right? You want your car to stick-out and keep the streets bright, right? How would you like your car to be uniquely coded to open and activate based on your touch- your fingerprints and more? Ask Enache Florin to hand the plans over. Here is the Peugeot “Touch.”

Designer Enache Florin keeps your car private, maybe:

[The Peugeot Touch] has a light weight body that in some areas, like the doors, are placed touch-sensitive sensors and finger recognition. [These sensors ensure that] only the owner can use the car. Everything is opened [and activated] by touch. The lights compose symbols made out of LED’s, in this way the car has it’s own identity at night. This associates the car with its parent company, identifying it uniquely as the Peugeot Touch.

Take note: if you want to ask questions about the logistics of the “Touch,” post comments below and Mr. Florin or one of his associates would be happy to answer some way or another, I’m sure.

1. This is no inexpensive car, for sure, but once the price barrier is broken, will a car that’s gotta be programmed to it’s driver be a realistic goal?

2. How about if we take that feature and make it regular for lots of cars?

3. Speed Racer. Time-lapse photography’s gonna be hot with this one.

Designer: Enache Florin