Discover Your Victims and Enjoy Your Juice

Each degree of change is major. I’m certain! If Greenzo- I mean Al Gore- is right, global warming will have a giant impact on the weather of this planet Earth. Each of these cups gives a terrifying factoid based on tiny degrees of change in the global temperature, uncovering the victim of the truth with each horror-filed sip. Drink up!

Designer Mina Kwag explains:

The effects of 5 incremental rises in temperature, from +1 to +5°C, and the sea levels corresponding to each temperature rise is represented by thin wave lines. The following items, covered by the surface of the waves, are the predicted effects of those rising temperatures and sea levels.

The ‘Only 1°C Change Can Affect Us’ cup series …is made of eco-friendly ceramic. The cups, by means of the messages printed on them, draw people’s attention to the impact that global warming will have on their daily lives in the future. Also, when the cups are used, we can be satisfied about not using disposable cups made of plastic or paper, and we can also feel good about raising awareness of the problem of disposable cups.

Well now! Simple concept, yes? Cute way to “be green,” right?

But wait!

Does it make sense to create more waste to “raise awareness?”

Designer: Mina Kwag


  • says says:

    “Does it make sense to create more waste to “raise awareness?””

    Interesting, I’m always thinking of that when I see these type products.
    In Australia we have these re-useable bags you can by from the grocery, the purpose of these, so we don’t use a disposable bag from the clerk.
    They are made in such a way they look like soft natural fibers, green in colour and have a lame slogan like “save the world one bag at time”. But in actual fact they are made from polypropylene! Which you may know would take a significant time longer to break down than a traditional bag which takes 10 – 20 years. The ‘green bag’ system does work in theory, but when people keep buying then because they changed the colour, it kind of defeats the purpose of the whole idea (again, my hat goes off to china).
    Just to add – four or five ‘green bags’ can replace 520 plastic bags a year.

    So in this case of the ‘green bags’, yes I agree with your comment. But it appears to me that products like the degree cup, would be bought only by people who already care?

    –End rant

    • Eric says:

      Agreed. Too many products marketed to people who don’t need the convincing. If this were a coffee shop that used these for “in house” drinks I think it would be better. But people won’t be like “I need to care more for this planet, Im going to buy these for myself to remind me of that for $X”

  • cf says:

    You can see something in the same way of this here: or here:

    and I believe this ones I show are made in a way much more ecological…

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