10 Concepts on Grass!

First of all, this post is marijuana free, so all you stoners get out while you can still walk. Or stay! These ten grassy concepts might strike your fancy! Everyone else: if you live in any of several neighborhood-based communities in the world, you deal with grass. You deal with grass between 0 and 12 months out of the year, if you’re in the right zone (or just don’t water enough!) Let Yanko take you on a journey between the blades.

Grass ahoy!

Designer: Sod-Ridden Minds of Yanko

1 ) O2 Unique Ticketing System by Gil Cocker You’ve been to an outdoor concert, right? You know how much nasty air gets turned into gas, right? Pretty stinky. What this particular bag does is act as both a ticket and a replenisher of clean air… with grass!

2 ) Rethink to Save the Los Angeles Water Supply by CalArts Design Team This kind of post is a bit of an oddball on Yanko as it’s primarily an advertising campaign. But it’s methods are purely industrial. Through wild and beautiful images promoting the use of real native plants and grasses in the area, CalArts students hope to save Los Angeles from itself!

3 ) Muwi Automatic Grass Cutter by Yuli Sung A lawnmower without the push! Let this device, what basically amount to a Roomba* for grass, cut with no helper, spitting out disks and balls of grass as it goes!

*I hope you excuse my name-brand association sin here, but I love Roomba and so does everyone else in the world looking for a real robot friend.

4 ) Timeless Garden by Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Tommasco Ceschi “A chemical reaction between mud and metal” describes the power source for this lovely hairdo’ed clock. Meanwhile, the grass provides the air with some fabulous brand new oxygen.

5 ) Nature on a Tape by Ji-Hye Koo Quite simply ready-to-grow grass on a strip, made for growing in any number of city-replenishing shapes and lollers. El oh el forever.

6 ) Ella Umbrella Stand by Simon Enever The umbrellas go in the top, the water trickles down the shoot, the water feeds the grass. Beautiful! The stand is made of acrylic in three easy-to-clean bits.

7 ) Astro Type by George Simkin Remember number 5 on this grasstastic list? That’s just strips. When you need lettering, you’re gonna have to call George Simkin. And George Simkin has not only grassy letters, but they’re astro-turf. So they ain’t going away any time soon.

8 ) Natural Year Phone by Je-Hyun Kim Obsolete technology waste no more! This naturalistic phone is Je-Hyun Kim’s perhaps impossible gift to the natural world. The hard components are recyclable, while the grassy hay is naturally decomposable. After 2 years it’s completely back to the grassy source!

9 ) Moss Carpet by Nguyen La Chanh Oh what a wonderful feeling it is to have blades of spring greens between your tootsies. “Made from imputrescible foam called plastazote, the mat includes ball moss, island moss and forest moss.” The humidity of the bathroom keeps it going just fine! Grass approved.

10 ) Lawn Fun from 3-in-One by Gustav Landberg All grass must come to an end. And what better way to do it than with industrial design ingenuity? It’s a lawn mower. And for those of you who live in 4 season locations like me, this orange monster converts to two other modes as well: leaf collector and the all-important snow blower. Another idea for 10?

Find more amazing lists on Yanko Design simply by searching for the number 10! — Although, that search doesn’t find JUST the lists, so you’ll have to sift through other fantastical designs on the way. Tune in next time for more grassaction!