Bulb is in the Heart .. of d:light

Did you know you’re not supposed to put your light-bulbs in the trash? Don’t pitch ’em! Put them in the “d:light.”

Designer Tim Edgeler presents. A new solution (maybe) to the light-bulb problem with his product, the “d:light.” It acts as both a lamp and a method for mailing the dead bulb to the correct disposal place. And of course, it’s constructed of real super “green” materials.

The d:light is not only a product, but a related infrastructure which has been designed in conjunction with the product. The final design was created by utilizing precise design techniques [and] eco-materials. With [these elements] is an inherently “green” product, [that] retains full practicality and functionality, adopting a subtle, fundamental beauty.

The d:light fulfills 3 main product functions by acting as light bulb packaging, a light-shade for when the bulb is in use, and the vehicle for return when the bulb has reached the end of its functional life. The d:light not only acts as a practical product but also helps socially aware consumers reduce their waste footprint.

For that non-LED-using portion of the population, of course.

Any fair assessment on this project would have to dismiss the fact that there are better and more efficient ways to light a room than light bulbs, correct?

Or is there a reason why this protector of the light-bulb age should be mass produced the save the world?

Designer: Tim Edgeler