IVY, The Organic Lamp Shade

It can be difficult to innovate when everything seems to have been done before, and most creatives would be familiar with the approach of product A + product B = innovation!. Nine times out of ten this will result in a boring concept of pseudo innovation and is thus generally frowned upon. Occasionally though it does actually produce some pretty good results. The IVY lamp by designers Izabela Cichecka and Marcela Kawka would be one such example. The LED lamp is planted into a flowerpot, and a plant is then grown around the LED’s forming an organic lamp shade.

Here’s what the designers have to say about IVY;

“IVY is a home source of light made from LED’s. The Lamp consists of modules. Connecting them we decide the form and size of the lamp. The base of the lamp is a flowerpot, in which we are planting plants like ivy. The light is penetrating through the leaves of the plant, creating interesting lighting effects and the unique mood in the interior. the design is our attempt to combine nature with technology, two seemingly unfamiliar worlds.”

Designers: Izabela Cichecka & Marcela Kawka


  • Brian says:

    Ivy grows very quickly so this lamp may be a little too small. Interesting idea though there is a problem with illuminating the undersides of the leaves – it causes bad growth and may encourage disease.

  • Carl says:

    whats wrong with the sun. how much oil and energy goes into this and for what? to do the same as the sun has done since year dot. this is a fad, gimmick straight to an innovation mag.


    • Nowwer says:

      No different from any other lamp, this one just happens to have a plant growing around it.

    • Scott says:

      Get off your high horse. The sun can’t reach into every part of a building and guess what… It’s not there for half the time! This is an interesting way to take LED’s (which are surprisingly efficient) and making an organic lamp shade. At least there’s no wasted material for a shade when one can just be grown.

  • zuy says:

    innovative concept

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