Who you gonna call? GHOST Chair!

When there is something strange, and it don’t look good…Don’t blame Dutch design studio DRIFT. Their wizards Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn have conjured up some pretty attractive spirits and eternally captured them for you to sit your rear on. The “GHOST” chair is “a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality.” It will be on display at the Salone del Mobile in Milan from 16th – 21st April 2008. If attending, make sure to bring some slime wipes.

Designer: Ralph Nauta & Lonneke Gordijin


  • Curves says:

    Definately not built for comfort.

  • bombastinator says:

    The lighting on this thing is very unusual to the point of being suspicious.

    Semi transparent things generally photograph oddly, but the idea that the “best light” for this thing is almost complete blackness lit directly from the back suggests that this thing may or may not look anything like the picture in real life.

  • doofusgumby says:

    “ghost” chairs aren’t anything new. various mfr’s have been making them since acrylic was invented.

  • el_bob says:

    it’s an acrylic chair. having worked jobs that designed using acrylic, i can tell you it’s not “invisible”, any more than the cookie tray at subway is “invisible”. it’s clear acrylic, so you’ll see it.

    it also won’t be comfortable and it will get milky and scratchy very easily. acrylic scratches quite quickly, just pants moving around on it will get it milky. have a look at any acrylic cups you might have at home, they don’t stay nice and clear for very long.

    and based on the pics, it’s made of thick acrylic, 2″ maybe even more, so

    1) it’ll be expensive (sheets of 2″ acrylic are not cheap), and

    2) it’ll have seams where they put the pieces together (you can avoid some of them, but not all of them – look at any acrylic box next time you walk into a department store, they’re far from perfect looking).

    • joebob says:

      why all the hate? I’m pretty sure this thing is gonna revolutionize sitting as we know it

  • chubbers mcgee says:

    almost as good as the acrylic toilet seats with coins embedded in em..


  • zola says:

    Seems it could be a perfect substitute for genie.

  • zuy says:

    Dutch design captures a lot of media’s attention … with concept already dvp by french “killed ” by Starck that captures also all the media… A french designer Olivier Vedrine dvp similar concept… ( see also Jérôme Olivet ‘ house in Yanko)…
    If ghost design as told Starck is a first step , is next step the end of object.?..and where will you sit on ? Answer : on old icon chair…eg Starck and vintage

  • Jason says:

    You know these chairs would look cool if the outer layer shaped to the form of the inner layer.

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