The Best Way to Rise-and-Shine

There was a day when all we humans needed to wake up was a rising sun and chirping birds… at the same time, all we needed to fall asleep was the setting sun and subtle sound of crickets! Sounds beautiful, right?! Especially compared to our jarring alarms and modern indoor lighting. Designed to get us back in touch with organic sleep and wake cycle, the Hora Timelight simulates the cadence of nature with light and sound.

When it’s time to get up, Hora brightens from dark to the rich, warm colors of dawn. Hypnotic melodies, reminiscent of nature sounds, fill the air. When it’s time for bed, Hora reverses, soothing you to sleep with a slow transition from sunset hues into night.

As beautiful as it is intuitive, all the components are hidden within a seamless injection blow-molded shell. Without buttons or knobs – it encourages users to interact by picking it up and shaking to turn it on, double shaking to quickly brighten, or rotating it on its base to turn the volume up or down.

Designer: Kirk James / CINCO Design