Lightning charger that lets you have it all


In the rare moment that you want to charge both your iPad Pro and your Apple Pencil at the same time, or your iPhone as well as your iPad and your Airpods, you’ll thank the gods for giving you something like the Node. It saves you the need to find separate USB ports or plug-points. A single Node can be plugged into any two devices with the lightning port (your iPhone/Airpods/iPad/Magic-Mouse/Keyboard) and it also lets you plug your Apple Pencil in, effectively letting one charger and a single Node power up to three devices, because let’s face it, if you own an Apple product, chances are you own more than one. Don’t let those pesky lithium-ion batteries get the better of you next time! The Node literally puts the power back into the consumer’s hands… and devices!

Designer: Ilovehandles

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