Leaky Roof Brightens Your Day

The art of lighting design is finding ways to articulate glaring light out over surfaces without inefficiently wasting too much of the lamp’s power. Daniel Becker accomplishes that in his “Melting Light” by hanging an LED packed ‘raindrop’ below a rippling plastic reflector. The brilliance of Daniel’s light is in the rippling shape; by spreading the otherwise harsh reflection out over three concentric circles, the glare and shadows are softened and become pleasing to the eye.

Designer: Daniel Becker


  • mumin says:

    beautiful and smart
    a winner

  • powers says:

    This is pretty classy. I think the winding power cord ruins the aesthetic a little. Could not the power cord support that bulb?

    • Sentry says:

      True, the line in the spiral formation should be the power cord, and the straight line hangning the bulb could then be a transparent string making it seems like it is hanging froma spiraling string.

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