Where Have All the Collapsables Gone?

A time-honored challenge. An elegant design solution. The Fil Quadrat Design Team brings us the NewFuTi for dining and after-dinner coffee. Collapsable to two configurations, the NewFuTi is good for more than just the diner on the go: it’s togetherness in both forms makes for a fitting bit of furniture in any persons living situation.

Wood metal and screws make for an inexpensive (maybe) piece of furniture while it keeps the aforementioned elegant look. And it’s foldy!

Designers on the Fil Quadrat Design Team collapse:

Time to dine, not enough space on the right height… “NewFuTi” is a coffeetable that changes to a dinning table in one smooth and simple move. Its dimensions change from 33 cm to 75 cm (height) and 110 cm to 190 cm (length).

Designer: Fil Quadrat Design Team