Wristlet Gets Young’ins Back in Time For Supper

Until such time toddlers are given mobiles on their 5th birthdays, parents will have difficulty keeping them wrangled in and safe from danger. This Wristlet from Petr Hampl might be a useful solution in the mean time, allowing parents to send messages, alarms or graphic symbols to the solar powered display. Better hope they come in other colors, I don’t think pink would fly very well with boys.

Designer: Petr Hampl


  • Ivana A+D says:

    It’s good but I think it’s better a mobile.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Mobiles are volumous, and a kid wouldn’t want to carry it around while playing in a jungle gym, or a sandbox… With this, all you gotta do is wrap it around your kid’s arm, and he/she is good (free) to go. Smart solution.

  • L Coleman says:

    These are ideal for my two boys how much are they and where can I buy them? – in blue or black?

  • TheBusDriver says:

    MY wife was talking about the need for this. I run marathons and she said she wants a way to send me messages during the race (not just the 4 times or so she can catch me as I go by). Seems like it might work.

  • yashichi8bit says:

    I always knew that Slap Braclets would make a comeback.

    I didnt really envision them in the form of tracking devices for parents and stalkers though.

    Hmm, where are you 80s? I miss your innocence.

  • Sebastian says:

    where can i buy this Wristlet?
    Reseller: Contact Me
    think this is a good product and would like to be a reseller in sweden

  • Tunde Kolade says:

    Hello to you out there, want to inquire about what it takes to order for the text message wristlet.
    * What is the minimum quantity that i can order for?
    *Unit cost?
    * freight cost to Lagos Nigeria Africa.
    * Can i have it any colour i want?
    * What is the cost of a sample and how many days will take to produce sample?

    Tunde Kolade.

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