A personalized, palm-sized drum-kit!


While there are quite a few MIDI keypads that allow you to digitally assign custom sounds to each key, Drummy makes things more hands on, analog, plug-n-play. You literally build your 9-piece drum kit by laying out custom buttons across the Drummy’s base. Each button corresponds to a particular instrument like a kick, or a snare, or a hi-hat. Symbols on the keys become graphical denotations of what each button does. You can literally plug buttons in and build your own MIDI drum-pad that connects to any music-making DAW (digital audio workstation) you may use on your computer!

Drummy tests your hand-eye coordination while allowing you to develop a keen eye for symbols and button placement. It also allows you to build your personal drum set from scratch, choosing between instruments, making sure you pick the best 9 sounds! And no, it doesn’t occupy a tonne of space in your garage or bedroom. In fact, the Drummy fits right into any bag!

Designer: Ivan Shmatko for Drummy