Kite Cars

For the hyper-imaginative future fliers. This “Wind Light Vehicle” allows three methods of locomotion, two of which involve that giant wing on the hood there. There’s an electric motor in each of the three tires, for one. Then the wing can swing upright for the vehicle to become like a windsurfing board, or it can become detached for some amazing kite wind action!

While the functioning model of this fantastic machine is yet to be seen, flying about in kite-cars is rather Elf-futuristic. Perhaps a wookie-made skycar could be its selling platform? Keep crusin’.

Designer: Tsun-Ho Wang, Min-Gyu Jung & Sung-Je Do


  • Keith says:

    I would like some of those invisible “electric motor in each of the three tires” that you speak of.

    • Saltynay says:

      Electromagnets might work giving a friction free dynamic tyre but computer power needed to process the on/off cycle of the magnets in time with the circular motion would be abit cumbersome. Winds aren’t ideal in cities although its nice how t comes with alternative methods.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    I think this whole project is purely conceptual… No way this can be produced. At least not with a realistic price. Besides, cities aren’t exactly windy, right?

    • Keith says:

      Tell that to Chicago.

      • Henrique Staino says:

        well, Chigago is not a standard. Second,what i mean by not being windy is that buildings interrupt and change winds in many ways. If you’ve ever seen a sailboat working, you know that urban environment is not suitable for this at all! Not to mention the high-tension cables, or the risk of entangling one kite to another.

        • Keith says:

          Actually, wind speeds would be faster in the city, as tall buildings tend to funnel the air between them. But I am with you on the entanglement issues, overall this is just not feasible at all. Couple that with the inability to provide any kind of precise control to driving this design.

          • Henrique Staino says:

            I don’t know about that.. It may apply to a different situation, maybe two cliffs channeling the wind or so. But in a city, there are too many channels, interruptions, when you consider the whole mesh of streets and buildings, and all the vortices make it more difficult for the air to blow.
            In my city, we’re facing serious temperature increase at the center, because an area where there were only houses, now has lots of high buildings. This has stopped a wind that flowed right downtown.

            Yeah.. Fiaaaaascoo!

    • gm says:

      not to mention that too much wind can take this off the ground!

  • visitor says:

    I know it looks pretty “out there”, but I have come across something like it (not conceptual): Whike (

  • Alp says:

    ”I would like some of those invisible “electric motor in each of the three tires” that you speak of.”

    :)) you cant see them, they are invisible.. oh no im also inheriting this arrogant way of criticising.. I apologise. I think the idea is cool, I d presume this would be the first concept layout, from here onwards, may be start refining things and make it look like it can ? more detail needed.

    • Keith says:

      I’m sorry, I forgot the first rule of the internet:

      Rule #1. The internet is serious business.

      Lighten up…

  • Ghost Rider says:

    The only way that thing could be cooler is if they incorporated a solar powered blender to make tasty margaritas, and a time machine. And maybe a wide screen TV to show you were you are going so you dont have to look out the window.

    And maybe a microwave. And a panini press. And an invisible expresso machine.

    Just thinking about ways to improve on it.

  • Ghost Rider says:

    Ans I suppose maybe a force field would be nice, incase someone tried to car jack you inbetween gusts of winds.

    Maybe they could make the wheels invisible. So then it would be like a hovercraft.

    And forget the wind power, just install a jump drive witha a DRADUS radar system like in Battlestar Galatica.

  • Blabber mouth says:


  • sarcasticblogger says:

    Really cool concept 🙂

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