Move over, Revuelto… This minimal Lamborghini Purixta concept absolutely has our hearts

With an exterior that draws a careful balance between aggressive and minimal, the Lamborghini Purixta concept distils the Italian marque’s design DNA to its purest form. The intent of designers Euan, Giuseppe, and Che, was to retain the essence of what makes a Lamborghini a Lamborghini… but without that strong, harsh character that you see in cars like the Terzo Millennio, or the Sian.

Created as the result of an extensive design exercise, the Purixta is what you get when Marie Kondo meets aggressive Italian racecars. The Purixta focuses on visual and practical purity, with a single-seater cockpit reminiscent of the Egoista in the hopes of giving the driver the ultimate thrill of the new, distilled Lamborghini experience.

Designers: Euan McPherson, Giuseppe Starace, and Che Chien Liao

Most great supercar designs are actually a collaborative effort between the designer’s pen strokes and the actual strokes of moving air which gives the car its aerodynamics. Lamborghini’s automobiles have mastered this balance beautifully, with cars that can cut through the air with finesse, while retaining a wonderfully unique character. The Purixta’s mastery of that balance is what makes it so great. The car is merely an intersection of multiple lines, resulting in an angular mass that both looks and moves like a predator.

The Purixta’s use of lines is evident in its side profile as well as its back. The side looks like a designer’s rough sketch come to life, with multiple lines slashing through the car’s lithe form, even culminating in some stunning line-based headlights and taillights. Move to the back, however, and you notice how the Purixta tries to be different from its predecessors. Sure, there’s no rear windshield, just like most Lamborghinis, but you also don’t have the signature Y-shaped taillights, which have come to become a Lamborghini rite of passage, in a way. The new taillight, however, feels unapologetically futuristic, and the angular lines feel reminiscent of the large air intakes seen on the front of the company’s most popular cars.

The cockpit of the Purixta seats merely one, giving the driver the ultimate thrill. With a racecar-style cockpit that puts you in the front and center of the action, the Purixta sports an entirely clear front panel that extends all the way from the bumper till the top of the car, creating an almost triangular panel of transparency that lets the driver see even what’s immediately in front of the car. Side window panels also offer a view of the left and right-hand side of the driver, although you can’t really roll down the windows on this one, like the Egoista… However, with a ride as thrilling as this, you’ll never see me complaining!