Artificial Living Vehicle

Featured in the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design Showcase, the shapely design of the EALO developed as a result of the designer’s question as to what an ideal organisms might look and behave like had it evolved specifically for the urban jungle. This organically shaped concept features a bare skull-like body that will leave you wondering how it’s powered, but housed within each wheel is a reactive electric motor that allows each to operate independently much like a quadrupedal organism.

The unique Fractal Tree Suspension  of the wheels was designed  to be a light, flexible and strong, evolved as structure of a branch. Every split part has oil pressure suspensions, so the overall shock is minimized The second split suspension makes soft reaction of the tire even without air inside

The form of the body developed as a result of the exploration in to the strength and lightness of bone. The singular piece would be carved and spaces would be punched out to maximize structural rigidity.

Designers: Sang-Jun Lee, Kyung-Kuk Kim & Seoung-Bin Lee