Fireworks Help Find Your Car

Every time I get out of a car I yell to my friends the exact floor, side, and column it’s located on. Two hours later we’re all wandering around trying to find it. Constantly clicking the remote keyless entry doesn’t help unless you’re within audible distance. I need something bigger, something I can’t miss. How about fireworks?

The Fireworks Locator system by futurist with a sense of humor Mac Funamizu uses holographic projection technology to set off a display of lights and color you can’t miss. A remote activates an emitter installed on the top of your vehicle. That’s pretty much it. Feasibility aside, I could totally see Honda using this idea in one of their future ads. Imagine hundreds of Hondas creating an unforgettable light show.

Designer: Mac Funamizu


  • joe says:


  • I’m thinking that real fireworks would be much more entertaining for you, your passengers and any bystanders who happen to be nearby than projected images. What’s more, if the remote allowed you to aim the fireworks before setting them off it would offer the opportunity of payback for bad customer service at the store you visited.

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  • Dan says:

    As long as your going to invent something unrealistic, why not just go with a teleporter and dump the car completely…

  • powers says:

    Wow. This is on the wild side! Nice concept.

  • fb says:

    ok, then what would happen if 50 people are trying to use this at once?

    it’ll be pretty, but it’ll just be as hard to get to your car as it is with a regular *beep*

  • Victor Assis says:

    The REAL problem is the remote’s signal power. If you’re within signal reach, you will easily hear the sound of the car… and if you’re not, the fireworks are not going to help you either.

    Nice concept, though.

  • says:


    • Eden says:


  • kedemax says:

    就是 有道理

  • yoya says:

    alough it’s crazy, maybe some people don’t like it
    but it’s still a cool concept
    maybe you have to think more about the humanity
    if you did, it may be a wonderful design.

  • yoya says:

    there are so many people don’t like this
    but sorry
    I still think is a cool “concept”

    it’s impossible for us to have this design
    maybe you have someting want to tell everybody?
    if you don’t
    it will be just only a image.

  • 卡布奇诺 says:


  • helloplog says:

    that’s funny :p

  • chetan sorab says:

    I have faced a similar problem. Its a good direction to start thinking in !

  • Alp says:

    very nice concept. I m not very horse glassed about it being realistic or not. We do not know where technology is going to get to in another 500 years. Same was the verdict as above ” go with teleporting” when Jules Verne thought of a submarine-Nautilus ?? It does exist now for sure 🙂

    Keep on dreaming, witohout YOU dreamers we are stuck with engineers creativity and only functional objects that bring no pleasure to our visual information spunge.. (no offence ) 🙂

  • Alp says:

    ”As long as your going to invent something unrealistic, why not just go with a teleporter and dump the car completely…”

    I say dream on. Nice concept. If you limit your ideas to todays technology, then you are stuck with whats made already. We dont know for sure where tomorrows technology is going to. We guess but we are not sure.

    Same was the verdict above when Jules Verne thought of Nautilus a submarine, it sure does exist now !

  • @ says:

    Looks great on a black background, how about in the middle of the day when the sun is up.

  • SeattleGuy says:

    The concept is nice, but it’s a little cheaper for me to take a picture of the stupid pole and the floor locater information on it with my cell phone….

  • TDale says:


    Not only would that be dangerous and expensive, but also very illegal.

    • Booshibonton says:

      And what would make it very dangerous/illegal? If the car is parked, it’s not like it’ll be distracting anyone… chances are, by the time a holographic projector’s invented, everyone will know of them and not be stunned at the sight of a light fireworks display. Again, in the future, holographic projectors would probably come down in price… and then there’s the matter of legality… what might make it illegal? Obviously you wouldn’t use it while driving, what would be the point? Better yet, you would think they’d disable the projector when the engine was put into ignition.

      Nice try. Being the downer who finds a problem with everything didn’t get you anywhere; this time…

  • 화성시 says:

  • Suenai says:


  • Iv An says:

    I use small flare-gun to indicate my location on the beach when someone is looking for me. “Small” means less than pen, like this one: . Really convenient, so same idea should work perfectly for a car.

  • haruspex says:

    Why not just use a vertically pointed green laser with enough power to have the beam visible during the day? They already make these, would be no trouble to incorporate it into your car and provide a stronger transmitter.

  • Christine says:

    this vehicle is moving explosive. Interesting concept but totally unrealistic.

  • minhloc says:

    interesting idea.

    its only a holographic projection, not real fireworks, so i cant see any dangers.

    but it’s probably easier to just have the car flash its headlights…

    and you still have to remember the right floor

  • mike says:

    or you could just push the lock button instead of the unlock button which makes the car horn sound. that should be able to be heard from anywhere within range of the signal.

  • Alexey says:

    Why don’t you use a simple Kalashnikov machinegun with 30 tracer bullets? A small aiming device would be a nice addition to the system.

  • Miko Kazamuto says:

    Actually with todays technology we can create a remote with enough signal power to easily send a signal over several miles.

    Maybe you have heard of two-way radios? They have been around for decades, and even cheap knock-offs can send a signal over a few miles, im sure those of us in the industry can easily create a device to fit the requirements needed for this “conceptual” design should we need to do so.

    We like to be productive as well as optimistic here, in my mind ANYTHING is possible, and if someone says its not? Well thats our opportunity to prove them wrong. That is exactly why technology is what it is today.

    -Director of TrollDesigns

  • Miko Kazamuto says:

    thank you for your input…but,
    This is completely realistic, (spoiler alert) we have had this technology in the testing stage for months, we are now trying to attempt to fine tune our creation and also make it affordable to install into the automobiles of possible companies should they choose to “sport” this new device.
    Thus far i have only personally installed “fireworks” onto one vehicle donated to us by a company (who does not wish to be named) that deals specifically in exotic cars, this company was ecstatic over our demonstration of the device and we should be seeing this product mass produced in a matter of months.

    -Director of TrollDesigns

  • Ray says:

    Because you might accidentally hit a plane or some other flying object. Then you would get dinged by a giant fine and a possible lawsuit. (apologies if you were being sarcastic)

  • gr8clarity says:

    Nice idea but how well will it work on a nice bright sun shiny day in California? It is a holographic emitter but I would have to see it work in bright daylight. Night would be awesome though!

  • A person says:

    Wait, we have hologram technology?

    Last time I checked we didn’t.

  • bakaneko says:

    its genius until others get it… then its trolling in the parking lot

  • CVK says:

    text yourself the exact floor, side, and column it’s located on seeing as everyone has cell phones now. Problem solved.

  • Andrew says:

    As I understand a hologram can’t be projected into thin air has to be projected onto a pane of glass. So, I don’t think this is actually possible.

  • Andrew says:

    Nice trolling

  • Andrew says:

    Holograms have been around for a while but not like in Star Wars. You have to project it on/through something like a pane of glass. When you see one it appears to be a 3D image in thin air but it’s an optical illusion. I doubt the this concept could ever work.

  • avisioncame says:

    make your car smell like poop, problem solved.

  • srs says:

    Just leave.

  • fg says:

    *you’re as in you’re welcome for fixing your grammar.

  • Andrew says:

    Wow, seriously? I must confess that I will frequently not proofread and miss grammatical or spelling errors on a trivial forum. It must be amazing to go through life without making mistakes. You rock.

  • ee says:

    done by japanese few years ago

  • Jimmy C says:

    I think it’s cool! Maybe you could make it so each has a specific color pattern.

  • Deena says:

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