Nesting Doll House

House N is a new house in Oita, Japan , by one of our favorites, Sou Fujimoto Architects. The house is a series of nesting boxes, another departure from a glorified 3 bedroom 3.5 bath architected ‘stravagazna. The Japanese are light years ahead of everyone else in this regard.  Look no farther than the powerful, simple, and effective section for proof of this.

It is astoundingly transparent even as it is smartly layered to create privacy where needed. Of particular interest is the fact that the center box holds dining and living spaces , and not what westerners would generally try to hide away. The bed, er, area, something westerners would generally consider the most private area (leading to the warren of bedrooms we refer to earlier) is not in the innermost box, but in the second box, the semi-private layer. Of all the non-traditional houses we’ve got in our catalog, this one is one we’d like to live in.  Or at least design a copy of for ourselves.

Designer: Sou Fujimoto Architects

Photographer: Iwan Baan


  • Eric says:

    Very pretty. The first 2 things I thought of were how long an HDTV would last sitting out in the open before someone snagged it, and what happens when it rains?

    • Canastrophy says:

      My first thought too. It may be a bit too open. Perhaps if there were smaller rooms for private space (e.g. small Apartments), and the living room out in the open…

      You know, like a shared space, an open house. But still with everyone’s personal room locked to themselves.

    • Lasse Steen says:

      There are 3 seperate perforated skins.

      The 2. has glass in all openings, and a solar shadeing option on the inside. So there there are no climatic or “theft” issues with this house.

      I love the idea of this as a vacation house.
      Airy, light and completely different from an innercity apartment!

      Creativity would flow!

  • CoolProducts says:

    That is just simply amazing. I love Japanese architecture. I think it has to be some of the best in the world.

  • Chris Burns says:

    absolutely gorgeous

  • smpmemento says:

    this is nice
    id like to see the floor plan for this
    to make it more clear of an understanding..
    it was confusing to see how it looks
    I love the design though

  • Benni says:

    its supposed to rain on Friday in Oita, get out the tarps!

  • mila says:

    very pretty and modern…

  • Ersin says:

    Very very pretty,awesome.

  • SONnel says:

    anyone knows excatly where is the house located?
    the exactly where is the adress?

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