Baluchon’s Golden Hour Is A Fully-Functioning And Comfy Tiny Home That Is Only 20 Ft Long

Expert tiny home builder Baluchon recently managed to fit a fully functional and commendable home into a space of 20 feet. It sounds like a tough task, but Baluchon not only made sure the home was operational but also pretty comfortable. Dubbed the Golden Hour, the home has been efficiently fitted with a couple of comforts such as a custom-sized kitchen customized to the owner’s personalized needs and requirements, as well as a cozy loft bedroom with enough headroom to stand without banging your head.

Designer: Baluchon

The Golden Hour is built on a double-axle trailer and is finished in red cedar. A neat mixture of cotton, linen, and hemp insulation is used for the walls, floors, and ceiling. It is powered by a standard RV-stool hookup. As you enter the home, you are welcomed by the living room, which is quite well-lit owing to its impressive glazing. The living room is equipped with a sofa and operable windows. There is some storage space integrated on the floor, and it also holds a coffee table, as well as a small wood-burning stove.

Baluchon was asked to focus on the kitchen by the owner, hence it is quite spacious and well-designed. It can be regarded as large when French tiny house standards are taken into consideration. The kitchen features an oven, a propane-powered two-burner stove, a sink, a fridge, and a generous amount of storage space. The cabinet has been lowered to cater to the owner’s required measurements. Another cool feature is a drop-down breakfast bar with stools that can seat two people. The kitchen and bathroom are connected, although the bathroom is quite minimum and small, amped with a shower, toilet, storage space, and no sink.

The bedroom of the Golden Hour is quite cozy and showcases a homely loft style. You can enter the bedroom via a floating staircase which has been combined with the kitchen cabinetry. The upstairs area is placed on a lowered platform, which enables the user to stand straight instead of moving around awkwardly on their hands and knees. The bedroom contains a bed, as well as some drawers, and is topped by a sloping ceiling.