Hot Jet-Ski Action with No Environmental Reaction

I can ski above the water with an electrically charged motor? Sign me up! The Foiljet MR1 provides a speedy water motorcycle experience while supposedly causing minimal wake in the water and relatively no noise when in operation. Mermaids better keep their heads down for this one.

Designers Matt De Bellefeuille and Robert Vandenham bring it to you straight: “An environmentally friendly recreational vehicle powered by a high torque 48 volt electric motor with benefits that include increased safety, efficiency and low noise. A unique and innovative vehicle which utilizes the latest in battery technology to provide unique thrills with no cost to the environment.”

Check out the imagery and additional words below and tell me where the first race is because I want to be there with a big soda to watch the crashes.

Designer: Matt De Bellefeuille & Robert Vandenham


  • Carl says:

    is this for a sci-fi or a future film.. not for use on this planet right?

  • zippyflounder says:

    dont feel up to going into the many reasons why this wont work right now, lets just say it more than 2 and less than 40.

    • zippyflounder says:

      ok, first we have discussed why foilers are so nasty (trash in the water, swimmers human and otherwise, accitental grounding) so we can leave that alone.

      The big one is the battery and motor system, well kids your going to need some where around 40 hp for that puppy to work so your looking at a LOT of amps from that 48 volt battery (1 hp is about 750 watts and amps times volts= watts) sooooooooo we are staring at 625 amps there… a kill you dead ammount, more than you need to arc weld steel. That much juice in a marine enviorment, your just asking for trouble.

      The recharge, of 10 min, NFW, not from a wall socket (120 v at 10 amps=1200 watts not the 30,000 that we are talking unless your run time is only going to be 7 min) it would be more likey 6 hours not 10 min. The final thing, 30k watt battery pack is HUGE and HEAVY. Come on kids, do some math, a little research before you fire up the tablet.

  • Will says:

    I love that the images used show the users in helmets and crash pads built for ATVs and dirtbikes… but no life jackets. I’m sorry, they really need to improve their Photoshop skills for that first one, it just looks so ridiculous.

  • powers says:

    You find the strangest s#!t, Mr Burns. You really do. I guess it’s like a motorized version of this:

  • Garbanzo says:

    Kind of like the Jet Bike, but the Jet Bike actually works… and it won’t electrocute you:

  • Quantum Tiger says:

    This is really unimpressive. I just stared at this and thought..”numb nuts”. It got even worse the more I started reading this. No hit on this one

  • Интересно даже для бухгалтера :)))))

  • chris says:

    so they reinvented the wetbike? those things looked soo horrible to get back onto. how about you get a superjet and swap the motor for some electric ones putting then were talking.

  • stephen russell says:

    Great for 007 movie use.
    & for:
    Harbor patrol
    Search & Rescue
    Tourism Use
    Need Buddy Seat.

    Way 2 Cool

  • Niiamh says:

    Sign me up 4 1 x hehe!

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