Long, Wide, and Flat

That’s what’s going on with this future car, future AMERICAN car I should say, by designer Colin Pan; long, wide, and fat. Aiming to emphasize the richness of the American automotive design legacy, the “Nebula” is bigtime. Enlarged wheels to reduce vibration and improve fuel efficiency, trunk in the front, and LCD viewscreens along the interior. Works like a starship, runs smooth like one too.

Future starships, I mean, of course. Not the bumpy shuttles we’re still tin-canned in this day in age. The Nebula has what’s very obviously a low, wide windshield. Low visibility right? To make up for the aesthetic choice on the outside, the cabin of the car is surrounded by LCD augmented-reality screens.

Technology aimed directly at making aesthetic coolness safe for use. If this becomes the trend, crazed whacko* automotive concept designers may feel feel to rejoice!

*What I mean of course is genius, brilliant!

Designer: Colin Pan

Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 01

Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 02

Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 03

Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 04

Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 05

Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 06

Future American Icon Car Nebula by Colin Pan 07


  • M.S.W. says:

    Looks like it is the child of 2009 Dodge Challenger & the 1990’s Animated Series Batmobile.

    2009 Dodge Challenger:

    1990’s Animated Series Batmobile.

    As far as “Enlarged wheels to reduce vibration and improve fuel efficiency” Those Large – thin – tires will require the suspension to support more of the weight (thus less fuel efficent) then thicker air filled tires.

    What is up with all the wasted space in front of the cargo area? Since it appears the FuelCell stack is underneath the cargo hold.

    Some renders of how the ingress/egress hatches on this “starship” is supposed to function.

    It has potential, but improvements are most certainly needed.

    Would recommend to the designer to go to a local Walmart/Target and pick up a cheap ($10-$20)remote control car and mod it to be this car to get a firmer grasp on what modifications are needed.

  • zippyflounder says:

    with the long hood, low seat and narrow windshield your not seeing anything in front of you from the bumper out to about 50 feet.

    • steve says:

      I believe that’s what the cameras creating a “virtual windshield” are for (mentioned in the drawings above).

  • fab says:

    Useless and ugly… sorry

  • wuk says:

    actually I would like to say something nice about it!!! First there are some nice curves there, that can be work out but still nice.. second it have some of this jaguar e type flavor still with a lot of detroit hardness… I don t think that the project is finis… But to one that have design it Go for it… continue work on it….good work 🙂

  • trimtab21 says:

    really fun looking but not very road worthy – talk about blind spots!

  • Free says:

    how are you going to parallel park this thing? it will have to have a crane or something to flip cars around it away to make room.

  • Semigod says:

    First i thought it was a dvd player.

  • sonofthebass says:

    looks like steamroller run over a new Dodge Challenger or extreme chopped custom car 😉

  • Mat says:

    Since when enlarged wheels reduces vibration and improve fuel efficiency?
    I’m sorry but this is an American muscle car from the past, definitely not from the futur. Sooo cliche!

  • Jay-Z says:

    this the future Maybach

  • koolhaas says:

    how about spelling ‘description’ right, huh? ;o)

  • lee says:

    excelent design

  • javad fallah says:

    very good design.Colin Pan”you are great designer.excelent.

  • very interesting except the back view(lamps), love it

  • jm says:

    well the design doesn’t seem practical but it does look like it was made in America.

  • iorsh says:

    can any one see batman driving this ?

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