Not Your Average Party Boat

If by chance there is a scuba diving scene in the upcoming James Bond flick, then I can only imagine his government issued yacht would look something like this. With its lines and form inspired by orca whales, “Nav” feels like a breaching whale ready to fall back into the depths. The designer, Charles Kalpakian, likes to think of his work as dreams that inspire briefly but allow us to endure on. Considering the amount of good work that will never get to production, that’s probably a solid philosophy for a lot of the designers on YD.

Designer: Charles Kalpakian


  • Keith says:

    smooth looks cool, but how about a bit of a keel to help stabilize it.

    • zippyflounder says:

      kieth, fast powerboats dont use keels, for the most part they use hard chines and strakes to not only control roll but to assist in the boat getting on plane. This “notion” would be sooooo soft in roll that you would get sea sick at the dock. The sunshad solution is kinda nice looking, but really now if its fast a wind shield is really a needful thing.

      • Keith says:

        All types of boats have keels, even if it just be a hard corner. The chines are the extra kinks that powerboats tend to have between the keel and the side of the boat.

        • zippyflounder says:

          hydroplanes, tunnel cats…no keels there. I think of keels as in cast iron or lead fins on sailboats, so color me old fashioned (used to design boats).

      • Keith says:

        I would also agree that without a windshield, this thing would be dreadful to drive.

  • powers says:

    Not really feelin’ this one. The two-tone scheme is abrupt, and doesn’t flow the way it could. At least that back part. They look like they would fall apart when the vessel started moving.

  • Victor says:

    Well, I like the sun shad a lot, but the rear is kinda odd, indeed. Good overall, though.

    Two thumbs up for the comment on conceptual design philosophy. I can honestly say I know the feeling.

  • zippyflounder says:

    the thing about “concept” is that you need (should) know SOMETHING about the item or its just a waste of time. For this one to utilize the compound curves its showing would require some intersting stuff under water. The aft end is pretty bad. There is no reason not to dream but come on try to learn abit about your subject first.

  • David says:

    This is definitely cool, and different. I second some of the functionality queries, but as a designer that works with the yacht and marine industry, ALL of your contemporary yachts are nothing if not functional… what IS needed is a breaking out of the cookie cutter design that all boats seem stuck in. The occasional breakout design (Wallypower, EarthRace, Fearless by Porsche) is applauded, and labeled a “glimpse of the future” only to have the future look like the past. We need to encourage different thinking in this arena, not discourage it.

    Kudos to Charles for pushing the envelope a little. I’m sure there’s a naval architect lurking around somewhere that could provide the necessary tweaks.

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  • Bruce says:

    cool stuff,
    But duplicated :

  • leroy says:

    id like to see this thing punch through anything other than flat water- even then, it doesnt look like a planing the moment it looks like itl do better as a submarine. nice renders though.

  • Hmm interesting says:

    Boats are loafers now, great

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