Top 10 of Green Design

Never one to let a trend pass without jumping on the bandwagon ourselves, here is Yanko Design’s top 10 list of the most impactful green designs of recent memory. Given so many criteria available to judge the concepts, ordering the list was tough, but in the end we shot from the hip as well as flipped a lot of coins. Without further ado, hit the jump for your daily dose of feeling good about Mother Earth.

10) Com-bat: A solar powered, robotic spy plane, the 6″ wide Com-bat uses hair trigger sensors to navigate the battlefield and relay data back to base.

9) Lotus Eco-Elise: Drawing on friendly materials like “eco wool”, sisal and hemp, the new Elise stands apart from its hybrid brethren by also incorporating solar roof panels to power its electrical systems.

8 ) River Plant Aquarium: Like a self contained bio-dome (less the Pauly Shore), the aquarium uses fish and water to provide nutrients to the plants, while the plants oxygenate the water for the fish.

7) Vertical Farm: Aiming to solve the problem of slash and burn farming as well as prevent watershed contamination by pesticides, the vertical farm skyscrapers attempt to condense the whole farming operation into a sealed environment.  LEED Diamond here we come.

6) Architectural Wind: Attempting to sidestep the ordinances keeping wind generators out of urban areas, Aerovironment developed these smaller modular turbines that require little installation as well as looking good enough not to ban.

5) frogLight: Putting their foot in the ring of home-use LED bulbs, Frog Design’s concept effectively ties together the technology with our traditional view of a bulb.

4) Twirl n’ Take: Part of Sony’ Odo line of earth friendly gadgets, this camera uses energy from rolling its end around on a table to power its functions.

3) gDiapers: While not typical fair for a site like this, there is something to be said for the legitimate significance of Gdiapers’ ability to be flushed down the toilet, avoiding the landfill entirely.

2) Saverclip: Reading the electrical throughput on your electrical cords, the Saverclip informs us of how much precious lifeblood were leeching from Gaia.

1) Kupe furniture:  Made by Brooklyn studio Uhuru, the Kupe collection includes such reclaimed materials as Truck springs and bourbon barrel staves.  Now you can torment your recovering alcoholic friend by inviting him over to see your new furniture.