To Shoppy with a Shoppy

Any good industrial designer with a mind for helping out his or her society has a list of things that haven’t been improved upon lately. Next on Junji Kawabe’s list is the shopping cart. With a hot orange color scheme and his sights set on a super cute name ready for tagging [Shoppy!], Kawabe’s well on his way!

Explore if you will for a moment the art of creating the new and improved shopping cart. Glance upon the thought process of Junji Kawabe and find the extreme reality-fingers reaching out and touching all the parts of the cart taken for granted. From the ease of theft to the feelings of the child sitting in the now-towering seat, Junji Kawabe leaves no plastic unbent.

Have you seen a cart like this lately? And did it have a big red and white target on the side of it?

Get plastic, everyone!

Designer: Junji Kawabe