The Microsoft Teams Speaker is a smaller, sleeker, wireless version of the company’s Audio Dock

Designed without all the multiport capabilities of the Microsoft Audio Dock which debuted just last month, the Teams Speaker distills its predecessor down to its basic function – being a purpose-built smart speaker for music, calls, and collaboration. With dedicated buttons to help you navigate your Microsoft Teams interface (or even other VoIP services like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime), the Teams Speaker is a handy accessory to have on your workspace tabletop!

Designer: Microsoft

The Teams Speaker comes with the same design format as the Audio Dock but sits flatter against the tabletop surface without any of those multiports like its larger sibling. Sure, the Audio Dock achieved quite a bit with its ability to let you connect peripherals, hook displays, and even charge other devices, but it was first and foremost a speaker (at least visually). The Teams Speaker tries to stick to that persona with a flatter design that works both wirelessly or wired.

Buttons located on the top of the speaker make it easy to answer or decline calls, open applications, increase/decrease volume, and even periodically mute your mic with a hardware button so you’re never figuring out whether you’re on mute or not, or how to unmute yourself.