A New Way to Bike

That cushy padded seat on your bike is a fitness hinderance, preventing the toned legs Lance Armstrong would envy, and keeping your back unnaturally aligned. The TAURUS bike eschews the seat for a unique cab forward design. Designed specifically for children, you stand leaning forward enabling correct posture while making the largest muscles in your body work harder. The pedaling action is more akin to stair stepping. You’ll be fit and tone in no time.

In the back wheel hub of the bike, there are six condensers that store energy created from pedaling. This energy can be called upon when needed. There’s a display describing the relationship between the amount of energy created and stored. This provides the child with real time data encouraging them to pedal harder. To assure ease of transport within a car, the steering wheel and wheels themselves can be removed.

Okay, Julia Meyer – please design one for adults too. I need this. DO WANT!

Designer: Julia Meyer