Pagina Collection brings eco-friendly, paper-designed bags, cases

I am not that great of an artist or designer, but every once in a while, I have the urge to create personalized bags and accessories. I mean, I do that in my head of course, not in real life, due to my lack of artistic talent. But for those who would want to add a bit of personalization on their bags, there are not a lot of brands or products that would let them do so. This new line from Italian company Essent’ial is one of the few that can offer this. And even better (or maybe the best part), this collection is made from eco-friendly and washable material.

Designer: Paolo Stefano Gentile

The Pagina Collection includes a backpack, notebooks, pen and accessory cases, all designed like actual paper: lined paper, notebook paper, graph paper. But the design is more than just a nostalgic look at our school supplies. The items are actually made from a special FSC-certified paper which means it has been “harvested in a responsible manner”. The material is eco-friendly, easily washable, and obviously, water-resistant.

The personalization part is a pretty good bonus feature for this collection. Since the design has lines and grids, it’s easy to write or draw on them if you want your bag or cases to have more of a personalized feel. Because of the FSC paper, you can wash the items at 30 degrees with mild soap in case you want to remove your design or you just want to clean them up. But the design can already stand on its own so if you’re like me with no artistic talent, you can just use the bags and cases as it is.

The collection includes a backpack in gray color with white lines with shoulder straps made from 100% regenerated cotton and clip closure. There’s also a notebook case that looks like an actual notebook so if you put a lined notebook inside it, there’s a notebook inception thing kind of going on. There’s also a stationery accessory case that you can use to store scissors, pens, erasers, and other things you may need for school or work. Lastly, there’s a pen case in which you can store your, well, pens. There seem to be different designs for these cases, both lined and grid.

As a stationery and bag/case collector, these are definitely something that I would like to have, even if my student years are way behind me. I do not need to design or personalize them as the designs are pretty good enough. The Pagina Collection can be used by students, kids, grown-ups, or anyone who likes paper-designed items that are eco-friendly.