I’ll Rock These with a Tweed Blazer

These RGB glasses just may be the next hated trend. It’s completely hollow to be filled with ink. One day you’ll be channeling The Great Gatsby with dark, thick, black frames, the next you’ll have bright red to show those hipsters how it’s really done. DO WANT!

Designer: Luís Porém


  • Nuno Lagoa says:

    Interesting, flawed concept. For one, it would be interesting to see what would happen if I got punched in the face (happens a lot when I go out, for some reason). Besides, after a few changes of ink it would get really gooey inside…
    I think I would be much better off just getting different frames and be able to change the lenses.

    • malvin says:

      In that case, you should stored acid that won’t melt the spec’s material but harmful for the hands that gonna break it. Embrace the design my friend.

      • sam says:

        The acid would go all over your face.
        Your argument is invalid, as is this stupid concept.

    • sean says:

      naaaw i think its made of like special ink that doesnt stick to the sides

  • Luís Porém says:

    Well, the ink it’s water based, meaning that would be easily washed with water. Than it is fun, for example, to put a colour on one side and a different one on the other and let then join together naturally.
    I don’t know what would happen if someone punch me in the face. I suppose that nowadays there are stable and firm plastics. That’s a question to see.


    • ben says:

      i think they’re beautiful and i would definitely buy them given the opportunity, granted you don’t charge an arm and a leg! keep it up

  • Nestor says:

    Neat, but like others said it might get messy. Still, makes a fun novelty.

  • Paul says:

    Well, I like it!

  • KwangErn says:

    Neat idea, I like it. The frame must of course be trendy. 😉

    Am sure there are ways around making the liquid solidify.

  • redhandfilms says:

    Forget the ink. Fill them with some scotch and hide your flask in plain sight.

  • Matt says:

    What about the people who nervously chew on their frames?

    I think I’d leave the ink out of my glasses and just fill it with sea monkeys and water. Look at ’em swim!

  • Those are actually mighty cool. I’d make a huge mess, but very cool none the less.

  • fb says:

    change the design to a little more flattering to all faces and he’s got himself a new customer.

    • Haruspex says:

      This frame is just one possibility of many. I’m sure this could come in a whole collection of different frame shapes.

  • ZGiSH says:

    one of the more plausible fashion designs. Needs water-based ink cartridges and its good to go.

    Not hard to manufacture either.

  • p says:

    redhandfilms wins the critique…Reef should take note.

    awesome idea. And in the rare event that you do get punched in the face, the situation is going to get messy no matter what kind of glasses you have on, so i thinks it’s a negligible risk.

    unless you’re a hipster. then it might happen more often.

  • Meep says:

    Aw man… I’d totally put colored water and oil in them… then sit there wobbling my head to make waves. 8)

  • Jerry says:

    Hey! this is incredibly innovative… so when is it hitting the shelf ? Do let me know…

  • web says:

    evel – I hope the handles are screw fit, or otherwise thight; You wouldn t wnt your glasses running out.

  • chika says:

    I want one of those…really…

  • Man says:

    You just know it’s gonna leak on ya one day…..

  • Solo says:

    Hell i’ll buy a pair although i don’t wear glasses, the possibility to color-match them with your outfit is great!

    Great concept!

  • Armin says:

    AWESOME, want one!

  • Eric says:

    Excellent idea! Out of most of these comments on here I can tell you I would have the most respect for my glasses if I owned these. I never get punched in the face (nor do most people probably interested in these glasses.) So no worries there. I would definitely play with colors and liquid separating tricks to have fun with them. And even if the seal broke 5 years from now, whats wrong with that? They’re F*cking cool empty. As for them getting messy, I don’t see it. It’s so easy to replace the ink by aiming one side in a facet stream, and it cleans them through at the same time… Any other issues, anyone?

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Apart the “Pepino di Capri” forms, this is an EXCELLENT idea. That first guy to comment wishes he had created it first..

  • LeenaLoveless says:

    not just a want.
    a need!!

  • Monkey says:

    Looks like something you can buy from the $2 shop.

  • haohan liu says:

    I like it,New Idea!

  • Seb says:

    No-one has really brought this up yet…
    but how do the hinges work with the liquid inside? I know its possible, I’m just curious about the specifics.

    • Eric says:

      Very good point. I know it’s possible as well, but it would be nice to know their solution.

    • Samantha B says:

      Looks to me like it’s a bit of a bendy-straw concept…you can see it a little in the first and last images.

  • Korky says:

    My question is: do the inks leave a residue?

  • Brittany says:

    my question is: are we sure the caps willl stay on and you won't un-knowingly have ink running down your neck?

  • Brock-El says:

    My question is: why does everyone start their comment with “my question is”? PS: these glasses look retarded. For geeks who live in Costa Mesa, CA & own triangle chairs in their kitchen & fugly modern decor!

  • Mel Gibson says:

    My question is: Can I fill them with booze?

  • Gitzy says:

    I second the booze question.

  • matt says:

    my question is: how do the hinges work?

  • jim says:

    My answer is, like bendy straws.

  • Bleezy says:

    My question is: can they make an extra thick version to hold extra booze?

  • Mexican Guy says:

    My question is: anyone else noticed that im mexican ?

  • skeleton harvester says:

    my idea is to fill it with drugs for raves

  • Joey DeNicola says:

    On the description of this product towards the end is says, “the next you’ll have bright red to show those hipsters how it’s really done. DO WANT!” What the hell is DO WANT!?!?! are you guys trying to be cool… ? Because if you are, it's really not working. I believe the word your looking for is DO WORK !

  • Emily says:

    Joey, “do want” is a popular phrase to express… want. I believe it originated with Lolcats.
    Try urbandictionary next time.

  • ricechan says:

    Emily, notsomuch Lolcats ITT: 4chan.

  • Joaquín Guzmán Loera says:

    excellent, finally glasses that cater specifically to my drug smuggling lifestyle

  • harriet says:

    they look shit

  • rachel says:

    Dude, if you're the type of person who would wear these, you're already buying your *fake* plastic glasses at the thrift store for 5 bucks a piece. Just having a pair in every color is cheaper and easier and much less likely to douse your drunk ass in ink in the middle of a party, leaving you with a bright red neck for work the next morning.

  • J_J says:

    i like them but maybe they should be left with solid colors

  • QrEuS GRL says:

    I wonder if terrorists could use them to get liquid explosives onto airplanes.

  • SunglassKing says:

    What a crap pair of glasses!

  • JOEY091899 says:

    I have NEVER seen these glasses before and i think they are VERY UNIQUE and i am only 11:):):):):):):):)

  • Deidra says:

    If I obtained these kind of glasses I would put kool-aid inside them, so if I needed to quench my thirst with a sweet beverage I’d always have a backup.

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