Make Bad Habits a Bit Better

Los Angeles is stereotyped as a “health city” but the reality is it’s far from it. Sure there’s a salad bar for every McDonalds but there are also smokers and accompanying them are cigarette butts and ash. I’m not going to preach how terrible smoking is but I will say have the decency to at least properly dispose of your ciggy waste properly. The public streets are not free territory for filth. The BUG ash tray was designed for those that need a quick hit without being a mess cat. Keep your butts and ash inside the metal case and empty it when you get home.

Designer: Wiyono Sutjipto


  • Jes says:

    This is not new, but it’s a pretty one. Where can I get this?

  • shahram says:

    thats g0os

  • John Q says:

    i see no argument against disposing of cigarette butts in the trash, but how the hell are you supposed to keep track of the ash and make sure that it falls into this little thing? Is cigarette ash really a problem?

    • Mark says:

      Yes, it is. Have you seen the sidewalks where people stand outside to smoke?

  • Scott says:

    This is a great looking design, but it looks like it failed to address the problem of odor. Cigarette butts smell terrible and sticking them in your pocket is really only feasible if the container is very airtight.

  • I smoke over 20 cigarettes every day. Most people I know that smoke, do so more frequently than once before they are able to empty a container.

    I have an airtight ashtray in my car that holds 20-40 cigarettes. I can’t even remember to empty that before it fills up.

    Very pretty though.

  • Carl says:

    its a social problem to be tackled. ‘dog ends’ last up to 2 years before breaking down and in the uk account for 25% of all rubbish in the streets. i like the offort and design, but cant see how it convinces a smoker to use it?

    if smokers dont care for their bodies how can they care about rubbish?

  • very goood idea then more peeps would quit smoking

  • i fink that is soo cool

  • narotch's says:

    Where can buy this? …thanx

  • Ekove says:

    I love the design, I’d like to know where can I get one even though I hardly ever smoke. The only bad side is it seems a little too small, don’t think it can hold more than 2 or 3 cigs.

  • Steven says:

    the cigarette after used smell ugly… So i prefered to trow away the cigarette in the trash can than carrie it with me.. Sorry.. I prefered the usb ashtray… Check it out in .. there a lot of portables ashtray in china..

  • Ronald Mcdonald says:

    Los Angeles is stereotyped as a “health city” Ummmmmm never heard that before. Probably one of the most polluted cities in the U. S. Its a good idea for a person that probably doesn't smoke, but cigarette butts stink, really stink. Plus how many cig butts could you put in this?

  • Alex Smith says:

    How’s this an invention?

    What’s Wiyono Sutjipto taking credit for?

    Dont we already have enough ashtrays already?

    And, to whoever wrote that idiotic and stupid comment, that this/any ashtray will encourage quitting smoking is clearly high on something!

    @Neannette Gatsi:

    You are clearly high on something!

    How the hell, do you make any sense by saying this:

    very good idea, then more people would quit smoking!



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