Audi Monocycle

The A0 Monocycle, a project sponsored by Audi Design Research Munich, is aimed at the Audi driver that in combination with their vehicle would allow maximum mobility in the urban environment. The compact and lightweight electric cycle folds to fit any Audi trunk, and can be quickly removed, unfolded and driven to the user’s next destination. With a unique user position above the central axle and adjustable seat and handlebars, the A0 can accommodate almost any rider.

The folded footrest also works as a stand to keep the monocycle upright when not being used. Integrated day lights add character to the sides, and a automatic sensor activates headlights and brake lights for safe nighttime riding.

Designer: Angel Sánchez Vargas


  • Mr. Buelens says:

    looks nice, but because of the batteries and such I wonder if you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to take it out of a trunk…

  • MDesigns says:

    I like the concept, but the retractable looking steering arms look like it was borrowed from a Samsonite and thus looks low end. The presentation here lacks any detailing, concept development, ergonomics principles or any kind of information to take it seriously.

  • Junair says:

    Great little design this

    looks very good

  • WZhangID says:

    I’m confused as to where the butt goes?

  • çanta says:

    you know this bike, pretty interesting article…

  • SShiverBBrains says:


  • saimon says:

    really ?

  • Anon says:

    Horrible design, really.

    1. Hubless wheel.
    2. Useless ‘handlebars’.
    3. Painful seat.

    Much better to go with a proven and much cleaner design.

  • Anon says:

    Yup. They censor.

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