Cooking All Tile-Like

Another entrant in this year’s Electrolux design contest, the Cooking Tiles concept takes modularity and wireless power (WiTricity) to concept reality. Flexibility and efficiency are key here. The entire system consists of two components; a smart surface containing power and touch interface, and tiles which take the place of burners.

Taking advantage of WiTricity, power is transmitted to tiles wirelessly. You can freely group tiles together to form larger cooking surfaces. Each tile has an embedded OLED screen to display power and heat output as well as flashing to indicate a completed cooking cycle. As long as you arrange the tiles within the smart surface mat, they’ll heat up. Clean up is simple. Each tile is sealed so they’re dishwasher safe and stack for storage.

The smart surface is robust. It not only powers the tiles but also provides touch controls to manipulate power and regular heat. Timer functions and precise temperature control make it far superior to conventional stoves. The surface is even strong enough to use as a cutting board and food prep.

How will our kitchens look when stove tops can be miniturized into such compact systems?

Designer: Federico Weber