Innovative Turntable Designs that vinyl collectors need to get their hands on!

There’s something about vinyl that never really goes out of style, and everyone LOVES a quintessential vinyl turntable. They are classic collectibles that have reached iconic status. Any vinyl record owner or audiophile loves to showcase their beloved turntable. After all, they seem to wash everyone over with a wave of nostalgia, and simply take them to another time. One glance at a turntable, and you’re taken on a trip down memory lane, and a very retro one that is. In an ode to these evergreen devices, we’ve curated a collection of stunning turntables that every vinyl collector would love to get their hands on! From a turntable that transforms the sound waves into actual waves modeled onto the surface to a modern turntable that eliminates the fear of analog devices – these unique turntables are a must-have for all vinyl lovers!

1. The Ripple Turntable

A clever play on how sound emanates from a source like ripples from a single point, the Ripple Turntable turns audio waves into literal waves, with its surface treatment. The pristine white turntable comes with a rippled surface, with waves emanating from the spindle at the center of the platter, as well as from the origin of the swing-arm, and intersecting in the middle to create that perfect bit of visual drama. The entire turntable is white, with the swing-arm adding a gold accent to it, and the vinyl disc itself bringing a bit of black to the mix. Although conceptual, the turntable’s visual experiment is interesting, to say the least.

2. Brian Eno’s Turntable

Today, Brian Eno looks back on his storied artistry in close collaboration with London’s Paul Stolper Gallery to create 50 experimental turntables that embrace psychedelia through color-changing LEDs reminiscent of Eno’s ambient sonic musings. In addition to music, Eno is known for his visual artwork. Utilizing the intersection of light and music to immerse audiences in meditative and hyperrealistic dazes, Eno has been inspired by the works of James Turrell, and Piet Mondrian, as well as suprematism, and early-20th-century Russian avant-garde art movements.

3. RMV

Meet RMV – a turntable designed to blend the retro and modern vibe, hence the initials! By combining the past turntable and modern technology, RMV brings the past and the present together in a naturally harmonious manner. This design allows people to feel both analog and digital sensibilities unique to the turntable. It lets you enjoy listening to music using mobile phones, headsets, and speakers via Bluetooth. RMV is not heavier than traditional turntable in form and each CMF detail has been carefully picked to make sure it suits pretty much every interior setup. Its aesthetic pursues spatiality and morphological sophistication with minimal design.

4. Lucydreams’ Model of House Of Marley’s Stir It Up Turntable

Lucydreams created this highly detailed and precise 3D model of House Of Marley’s Stir It Up Turntable, and it is as modern as it can get. The original record player was created from bamboo! Lucydreams have retained the initial eco-friendly design, but they have visualized it in different colors and materials. These new and improved turntables cater to diverse tastes and preferences, from a sleek all-black turntable to a bright magenta one. However, the remaining components of the turntable are still pretty eco-friendly! Recycled plastic, recyclable aluminum, House Of Marley’s special REGRIND™ silicone, and REWIND™ fabric were used to build the product. Besides being sustainable and insanely good-looking, the turntable is high on functionality and quality as well! An exquisite belt drive, switchable speed options, and built-in preamp make it an innovative and easy-to-use turntable.

5. Supersonic

Supersonic is a fully exposed record player with a flat width and rounded side edges that give it a pronounced modern look. Supersonic also comes with an integrated rubber platter to spin the record and keep it spinning even as DJs manipulate the records on top of slipmats. Coated in stainless steel, the record player’s control panel features all that one would expect with a traditional turntable, including an anti-skating dial, speed switch, and power knob. With a stainless steel coating, Romantsov’s Supersonic turntable is corrosion-resistant, maintaining a slick finish even after continued use. Mostly every detail of Supersonic’s frame and accessories is constructed from stainless steel, including the stylus, cartridge, and fuller body, making it not only industrial in style but in strength and durability too.

6. Flip O Flip

Designer Juwon Kim wanted to create a turntable that abolishes the fear of analog within us! A turntable that is not only modern but approachable! And honestly, I would feel comfortable operating Flip O Flip. It aims to provide the same comfort and familiarity you feel while listening to digital media. Oh, and did I mention, this is a turntable that literally turns! Yes, you heard that right, named Flip O Flip, Kim’s quirky turntable actually turns! Instead of a typical platter, Kim’s turntable features an almost pin-shaped axis to slide the vinyl record into. This intriguing axis actually turns! It rotates the record and switches from its A side to B side. There is an ‘auto flip button’ that lets you switch the sides whenever you feel like it! A controller helps you control the speed of rotation and a dial lets you place or remove the tonearm from the record.

7. The TTMAC77

Cameron Bresn, an LA-based vehicle designer, has brought his unique rendering into the mix, TTMAC77, which incorporates linear tracking for a fresh take on the classic turntable. TTMAC77’s sleek half-cover could be constructed from ash wood with stainless steel accents, offering a delicate mix of casual adaptability and a touch of luxe elegance. The rotational, hinge rod allows the turntable’s cover to open and close, allowing for records to be swapped in and out. The turntable’s platter aligns neatly with a typical 12-inch record and without a dust cover, the wooden cover only hides half of the record so the record can always be seen spinning. With minimal frills and whistles underneath, the TTMAC77 appears considerably sophisticated, yet simple.

8. The LEVI

Jihyo Seo from Seoul Korea have taken the classic turntable design and given it a modern twist that’s made for a geek music lovers den. The duo likes to call it the LEVI, a levitating turntable that wears the Harman Kardon branding. The unique concept design exemplifies the levitating nature of the platter actuated by the electromagnetic drive and coils – giving this turntable an air of super coolness. This enhances the experience of listening to vinyl records, giving audiophiles a new unprecedented high. It’s so satisfying to watch the record being played on a levitating platter, just like magic!

9. The Old Future Turntable and Speaker

In the year 2021, few turntables have captured the essence of that time the way that the Old Future Turntable and Speaker has. First, let’s look at the shape. The silhouette of the player itself pays homage to 70’s architecture in Seoul. Slanted roofs were common during that era, and when you place the turntable and speaker side-by-side, they look like part of a 70’s city skyline. Some vinyl-lovers may not like this product initially because a flat, horizontal turntable would be preferred for sound quality. For those who care about audio quality over aesthetics, the turntable’s legs are adjustable, so you can make the table more even.

10. The Vinyl Clock

When turntables aren’t in use, they have a tendency to just take up space. They have no purpose other than to play music, so by turning it into a dual-functioning house product, the machine operates on a round-the-clock basis, pun intended. The final product is a stand-up record player whose cartridge doubles as a secondhand for its other purpose of telling and keeping track of time. By incorporating a removable axial cap, the design’s clock can be deconstructed in order to transform into a turntable. Once you select the record you’d like to play, it’s easy to reconstruct the clock back to its practical display. Manually-automated control dials for both volume and time are positioned just above the Vinyl Clock’s speaker for easy, fine-tuning. Through a simple transference of duties, the product’s epitomic function is to play your favorite records, using the clock’s second hand as a cartridge, while also providing you with the time of day – no longer will your turntable not be in use.