Luminodot, Don’t Call it a Lite-Brite

I had a Lite-Brite growing up. The idea of sticking colored plastic nibs into a backlit board was so simple yet I remember sitting on the floor for hours on end, hypnotized by my juvenile creativity. Fast forward 20 years later and I’m getting that feeling again. Bandai has a Lite-Brite like product called the Luminodot. Same concept but for the 21st century.

The design is sleek like an HDTV which in my opinion a good idea. Those of us with nostalgia wouldn’t want a toy in our grown up living rooms now would we? The backlit system is brighter and there’s accompanying software to help your creativity and to share templates. If you’re real creative, you can even program backlit animations.

As usual Japan gets all the fun stuff. $100 is a little steep but I don’t think Bandai is targeting kids. In the meantime, we can play with their Luminodot simulator.

Designer: Luminodot [ Via: Gizmodo ]