A Compact, Lightweight Firehose

An indoor firefighting incident is an extremely intense and time-crucial event; because of this it must be tackled with the highest levels of efficiency and precaution. Unfortunately, in some situations both tackling a fire in one part of the building and rescuing a trapped individual in another may happen simultaneously. This is where the indoor FireHose Kit comes into play.

Fire hoses are not the most maneuverable pieces of equipment, they are bulky, heavy but extremely efficient however, in certain scenarios, a second, more flexible hose, may be advantageous. The kit is made up of two main components, the nozzle and a nifty little connector; the connector is securely attached to the main hose and, much like a multi-tap, the water can be directed towards the secondary nozzle.

Its compact size has been achieved by using bellows as opposed to conventional hose; making this a truly lightweight and compact piece of equipment!

Designer: Il Jeon