Disclaimer: Very Sexy Appliance Ahead

‘Tis the month for beautiful combinations! Although ‘HP Shredjet’ doesn’t really sound as poetic, it’s a wonderful melange of three souls. It acts as a vacuum cleaner, stores garbage like a trash can, and also does a marvelous job as a paper shredder.

The Paper shredder isn’t rocket science, but coupled with the vacuum’s power, the Shredjet can actually shrink the shredded paper to a compressed mass, allowing it to effectively store all the waste it collects. The vacuum/garbage storage is actually a very nifty trick too, rather than being a hand-held vacuum cleaner, the Shredjet is a Vacuum Dustbin, which means it absorbs all the dirt that you sweep into the vacuum’s air inlet. No more dustpans, which means no more endless back-breaking hours of trying to get every particle of dust off the floor and into the trash! Plus, with looks like these, the Shredjet is bound to shred and trash a few hearts too!

Designer: Matteo Iavicoli