Snap and Look

Snap & Look is a system for digital photography that doesn’t require a computer but still allows the user to enjoy all the advantages of digital photography. Consisting of a digital camera and a photo viewer docking station, it enables the user to take pictures, view, edit and save with two very sleek devices.

Both the camera and picture viewer docking station are made of up two components tethered to each other by reinforced multicore cabling. Magnets helpfully keep them aligned. On the camera, the configuration offers a multitude of options; flipping the screen over protects the screen and lens when not in use.

Saving, transferring, viewing and editing photos starts by docking the camera. A multitouch interface makes flipping thru your photos, organizing, and editing a snap.

Designer: Johanna Schoemaker


  • pickupjojo says:

    Oh, I didn’t see your new design before Yanko? Great work, it rocks! 🙂

  • zippyflounder says:

    nice extension of the kodak easyshare concept, might however be a little behind the curve with the Iphone and its follow on knock offs though.

  • IGreenSpot says:

    that’s cool idea, on the other hand, how many people would actually want to snap and editing the photo right away ? I usually taking pictures when I travel, don’t have time to sit and editing the pics after taking photos.

  • Juneau says:

    want want want…:D

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