Ride the Screen Wave!

With the video wave in full ascent, the space-aware video-screen is right around the corner. Remember when internet video was unusable because of huge loading time, when the camera phone was on top of pickpocket’s to-pick list, when you could first watch video in the palm of your hand? Well check it out, soon the video screen will be the product, the device will be the program.

As the designer, Andreas Myhrvold Braendhaugen, puts it: The pictures show a proposal for a modular display system consisting of square LCD screens. Being wireless and space-aware, the screens allow for intimate viewing of pictures and video, flexible sharing, and new gaming concepts. The concept points to a future where screens are no longer specific to certain devices and types of data, but can receive data from any source and change according to the viewer’s environment, body position, and resolution need.

I say I want my screen to take photos, call people, be my tracking device incase I’m totally kidnapped, let me see through walls, turn into ice skates, and be my video game console.

Actually, let’s scratch the ice skates thing, but I do still want to be able to see through walls.

Designer: Andreas Myhrvold Braendhaugen