Kitchen appliances that will perfectly assist your chef dreams: Part 7

I love food, and cooking it can often be a very therapeutic and intimate experience. And with the pandemic restricting us to our homes, it’s an experience that more and more people are indulging in. However, cooking is not always an easy feat, and having handy kitchen gadgets at our disposal is always great. They can help save up on a lot of preparation time, and turn tedious little tasks into something fun! So, here are a few interesting kitchen gadgets that will help you achieve all your cooking dreams!

Ordine by Adriano Design is an innovative cooking solution designed for the modern user. Optimized for small spaces, the design eliminates the need for a bulky traditional stove, clearing the way for more cabinet and counter space. The design features two hob units that are mounted on a central power hub on the wall. Elevated neatly out of the way, the user must simply grab one or both hobs off the wall and set the desired temperature to activate.

Jesden Tang has revamped the ordinary egg boiler! The new and improved egg boiler, ‘Egge’ has a simple form, the yellow section reminds you of the egg yolk, whereas the transparent portion instantly brings egg whites to our mind! Tang also added a handle that allows you to measure the amount of water you pour into the boiler. Making eggs for breakfast has never been quicker or more efficient.

Squeezing lemons is always a tedious task, however, this Ceramic Lemon Squeezer by Brian Khouw makes it a little more interesting. The aesthetically pleasing squeezer looks like a conch shell freshly plucked off the beach. The curved upper portion is used to squeeze out the lemon juice, which then trickles into the bowl-shaped base.


liftingsink_02The Lifting Sink by Chengyong Li, Lei Yang, Sian Lin & Peishan He offers an innovative yet entirely simplistic way to customize the size of your sink while also reducing water consumption. Composed of three nested metal layers, its storage capacity of this sink can be adjusting in a cinch! When only a handful of things or small items need to be cleaned, select the small size or when you have larger pots or many items, select the larger sink. In each case, it will take less water to fill and contain items more efficiently.

The Cheat Sheets by Chris Place & Will Matters of Prepd are basically, and this reference couldn’t be more relevant, social distancing containers for your ingredients. You use the same baking tray, but the Cheat Sheets silicone containers sit ON the tray, giving you miniature compartments to cook your food in. Veggies like asparagus that need shorter cook times can be added in the same tray as salmon, which needs more time in the oven. Once you feel like the asparagus is done, just reach in with your baking mitten and pull just the asparagus container out of the oven and let the salmon still cook inside. It’s easy, simple, and here’s the best part – your baking tray never gets dirty!

Designed to be your go-to for any cooking measurements, the Kitchen Cube integrates all measuring vessels into its singular, yellow, cube-shaped body. With over 19+ measuring units designed into its 6-sided shape, the Kitchen Cube can be used to measure anything from teaspoons and tablespoons to even cups, working with both wet and dry ingredients alike. The cube comes with both metric and US measuring units molded into its unique design, allowing you to even measure out your ingredients in milliliters if the recipe calls for it.

The Aarke Carbonate II allows you to enjoy sparkling water in the comfort of your home. You can now easily carbonate your preferred beverages, by simply placing the bottle on the base and pulling the lever. The stainless steel enclosure gives it a classy and minimal look, unlike other gadgets that can often be an eyesore.

The CleverOne woodnflex is a flexible wooden cutting board! The cutting surface is flexible yet stable and sturdy, allowing you to easily carry and pour the chopped vegetables into another utensil, without dropping any of the chopped pieces. It can also easily fit into your sink when you clean it. It’s a refreshing change from traditional chopping boards which tend to be heavy and cumbersome.

HAPIfork is a Bluetooth-enabled Smart Fork designed by HAPILABS. Basically, the fork tracks your eating speed. It keeps track of how fast you’re eating and informs you if you need to slow down. The fork lights up and vibrates if it feels you’re binging on your food a little too quickly. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and access your stats easily. This is one Smart Fork that won’t let you simply gobble down your food!

This vegetable peeler is simply purrfect! Designed by Myssyria, this peeler has been shaped like a cat. The cute little cover looks like the ears of the cat, whereas the bottom half looks like the paws of a kitty! Simply remove the ear-shaped cover, and start peeling your vegetables with this adorable kitchen tool.