Mountain Dew Supernova in the Sky

The ReGlow lamp from Shelley Spicuzza likes to recycle, but skips a lot of steps in between.  By screwing in empty, unlabeled plastic drink bottles into the center sphere’s threaded holes, the lamp creates a burst of light and refraction.  The fixture also lets you affect the color of light through the type of bottle used, so click through if you want to see the Coca Cola version.

Designer: Shelley Spicuzza


  • zippyflounder says:

    kinda cool, a low cost way of having a gillhuli (sp) glass light at .0001% of the price.

  • keith says:

    Would need a lot of goo-gone to make these unlabeled. Or you could leave the labels on and look like a junk collector. You could sell interchangeable modules where the bottles go, just incase someone doesn’t want to mess around with unlabeling their bottles, or doesn’t enjoy the “derelict” aesthetic.

  • Brie says:

    Where can one buy this?

  • Will says:

    haha neat idea! Me thinks poor man’s disco ball? Customizable, recyclable, stylish, fabulous.

  • carl says:

    Nice design,

    hope it would be sold with no bottles so you have to complete it yourself.

    what about liability, if i attach a bottle with a little liquid in that trickles down into the fitting??

    the bottles would have to be 100% dry before you attach them, heat light and moisture = a breeding factory for germs right??

    and the end result you are then living in a landfill? hmm nice idea, who would want it?

  • eternity says:

    Where can I get?

  • mk1864 says:

    Wow, how do I make those?

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