Coffee Cup Carry

You don’t need to come up with something complicated to resolve a simple issue. The goal here is to cut paper consumption when we use disposable paper cartons for beverage take-aways. How do we achieve it; simply redesign the take-away sleeve. For example the “One Plus One” is a coffee cup sleeve that comes with a hooked extension, entwine it with another sleeve and you’re good to carry two cups at a time. It may get a bit tricky to carry more than 2 cups at a time, stacking up 4 seems too risky. But the design is worth refining and implementing.

Designer: Jin Won Park


One Plus One Coffee Cup Sleeve And Carry-Away Package Design by Jin Won Park





  • Jeff says:

    It’s not that hard to hold two cups.

    We have two hands, after all.

    And what’s so hard about just carrying two cups in one hand?

    • Bauski says:

      Yeah, ONLY two hands! Try opening doors, answering your phone or whatever while you’re holding a cup in each hand! Or do you always got a servant around you taking care of these things for you?

      • Canastrophy says:

        Get a BlueTooth Headset. Also, I once had to carry an old TV Set, and was still able to open doors. How crippled are you to be unable to open a door with two cups in your hands? Just put one on top of the other, and one hand is free!

        Besides, they’re already using recyclable cardboard for the original holders.

        • Bauski says:

          Maybe I am crippled? Would that make me less important for the consideration of an ideas benefit, you very smart and not and at all retarded person?

          This thing not only allows you to hold to cups with one hand, you only need one or two fingers to do that, too.
          If that that is not improvment then I don’t know what is.
          Because carrying hot liquid-containing cups in the palms of your hands IS a limitation of your action. The only thing to discuss is the degree to which it affects that.
          If you WERE that smart you would know that in such a situation there is more than only your own perception of a problems relevance.
          Enjoy your headset!

          • Canastrophy says:

            “Because carrying hot liquid-containing cups in the palms of your hands IS a limitation of your action.”

            Take the six-pack holder, place 2 cups in the middle spots. You can hold that with two fingers too. Also, ‘hot’ cups? Man up, man!

            Also, if I was to enjoy coffee, I’d just make myself one at the office, instead of going to starf*cks.

            “Enjoy your headset!”

            Don’t need one, but thaaanks.

    • punchman says:

      @ jeff, you are a fucking pessimistic guy. i guess you do not have better ideas, ha?

  • adam says:

    This leaves even me speechless.

  • another geek says:

    Hey, lets waste more cardboard to save more trees!

    Neat idea, but useless unless you’re aiming for the disabled or the tree-haters. I say, if you have three or less cups, you can find a way to carry them on your own.

  • nate says:

    What about reusable mugs? This is straighup greenwashing.

  • AlienzExist says:

    I would have to say that this does not save paper because more people will not use the extra material, therefore, most of it will go to waste, instead of only using a holder when you need to.

  • Nicko says:

    From a design perspective, this is certainly interesting. I’ll bet coffee businesses could shave off a few pennies on carry-out container costs too.

    But my admiration stops short of the environmental claims. Of the 4 items in a take out coffee cup – the cup, the lid, the sleeve, and the take out container – the cup holder is the least eco-intensive. Cup holder’s are made using 100% recycled cardboard, and likely end up in recycling centers once their use is concluded. In contrast, that plastic lid necessitates fossil fuel extraction, and paper cups are equally resource intensive. Worse, most cups can’t be recycled.

    Why not focus your design ingenuity on solving the bigger issues here….the fact that we need a take-away container at all?

    Sustainability Is Sexy

  • adam says:

    i agree with you Nicko..jin you area good thinker..use your design brain to really contribute to the big problems faceing us today!

  • V2 says:

    Like making extra rubbish is?
    Tho handles for carrying coffee would be nice
    Maybe make a stackable mug

  • far better idea then the huge cup holders they give me the coffee shop near my office. far less wasted paper…

  • burhan says:

    it’s a brilliant idea!!! for my GCSE graphics project i am trying to make a sloution to the same problem. this really has widened my view on the area and given me a few new ideas to run with. Thank you!!!

  • Andrej says:

    I like this solution.
    Im already all day searching for some manufacturers….without success. If you can help me I will appritiate.

  • Bella says:

    Try finding your car keys in your handbag, or getting your kids across a busy road or even getting out of the closed doors of the cafe from which you purchased 2 cups of coffee from. Aside from being able to carry a cup of beverage and still function, this solution also keeps the hot beverage away from your body making movement with a hot liquid much safer. Even kids and elderly people can carry use it safely. Works for me.

  • Hey! I just would like to give a huge two thumbs up for the great information you have here in this article and others. As a newbie I'll be stopping by to your website for more.

  • Hey! I just would like to give a huge two thumbs up for the great information you have here in this article and others. As a newbie I'll be stopping by to your website for more.

  • Serge says:

    Where can i find it? Is it possible to customize it with my logo? What is the price for 2000 units?

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