Furniture That Grows With Your Child

Ilo is a furniture collection for children and teenager, which convinces through its modular composition, its ability to grow with the child and the convertibility of parts of the collection. The heart of Ilo, a quarter-circle-shaped corner piece, connects the end walls and can easily be assembled by the customer. The corner piece at the same time guarantees the optical recognition of Ilo. The physical growth of Ilo is assured by the extendibility of the furniture, and for the mental growth Ilo has several additional elements, with which the room can be changed according to the age of the child or also to a theme. These elements are attached to the furniture by the wholes in the end walls of each furniture-piece, which are also used to connect the furniture to one another. The additional elements let the children play and interact with Ilo.

Designer: Carmela Niederhauser & Nadine Grau