The Brave Little Light Cable

The entire cord is stays whichever way you style it. It’s got a flexible electrical lining that allows the entire chord to take part in the way the lamp sits. It’s like, totally alive. Every style is unique. Not like those crappy normal lights. Think of all the things you could use this for! I’d bring it with constructing with me. Next we need it to have some A.I. in there so it could go the next step: follow me around and totally snake smart.

Look at the plainness! Designer Mi-So Sim says that “a good model is formed only by the characteristic elements of objects.”

What the!

As simple as it gets is (sometimes) as excellent as it gets. Once a basic element like the versatile electrical lining of this lamp was discovered, the pole could be dispensed with! All that’s needed is the plug, the chord, the bulb, and the switch!

Hey. Don’t really even need the switch, come to think of it.

Designer: Mi-So Sim