Chrono-Shredder. What a Big Mess!

The Chrono-Shredder is a device that reminds us of both date and time. There’s no on or off button. As minutes pass, a continuous roll of time is shredded until you end up with a big pile of paper by the New Year.

Designer: Susanna Hertrich


  • time is running out says:

    what a stressful calendar!

  • zuy says:

    timeless design?

  • Adrian says:

    In a world that is self destructing daily why would somebody design a calendar that wastes paper?

    • shagster says:

      so… what do you whipe your a** with after you s**t? i think a normal person consumes about a roll of toilet paper every couple of days so I don’t think this is a big waste compared with other things. Let’s not exagerate with the ecology!

  • zippyflounder says:

    Now THATS uber consumerisim, perfect product for a market that is becoming a bit more “green”……..WELL DONE!………not.

  • pekeniavi says:

    Great! I link you 🙂

  • Luis Larrea says:

    This is ancient. I first saw this on

  • keith says:

    Is somebody seriously complaining about wasted paper? What do you do with your other daily calendars? You throw them away each day. This one just shreds it before you throw it away. So, yeah, it might waste some electricity, but it wastes no more paper than an ordinary daily calendar.

    • zippyflounder says:

      generaly calenders are printed 30 days to a sheet, so this thing is 30 times more wasteful than “standard”. The only time I bought a calender that was a single page a day, it was a far side calender (google it) and I kept every page (still have them all these years later). As a method of letting one know that time is fluid, well make the sucker a loop come up with a innovative way for the date to disapper for the next to be printed on the material……oh wait I did that allready…….never mind.

  • Scot Shimamura says:

    The Chrono-Shredder is an unusual, yet “practical,” piece of art that reminds us that while
    paper is recyclable, time is not. There’s no on or off button. As minutes pass, a continuous
    roll of calendar is shredded leaving a reminder to seize the day.

  • Will says:

    actually you’re not supposed to recycle shredded paper. Messes up machinery or something. That’s the rule where I am anyways.

  • Oliver Craig says:

    What an unnecessary and disgusting waste of paper and electricity! Yanko should not be advertising such irresponsible design!

  • jbelkin says:

    What a twit – waste of paper – just for that, I’m going to go outside and burn and some leaves and definitely buy 10 of this calendar this year …

  • ina says:

    it’s not exactly about comparing it to toilet paper. The fact that it is ANOTHER thing that wastes paper is actually pretty significant if a lot of people bought this. It is a really cool design, but it is definitely not environmentally friendly. And your swearing clearly shows you have issues pal.

  • ed says:

    can you buy one anywhere?

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