Like a Mass of Firebugs

Here’s an interactive lighting project you’ll love to wash your body in. Run through it, wave your hands around in it, and do some pretty ballet twirls around it. It’s called “Firefly” and it’s designed by Kkristen and Vincent Moreau. You can dance around in it and it will dance right back. This, what I’d call installation art, plays with you as if it were a mass of firefly insects flying about you, reacting in real time to the movements you make. Installed currently at Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Simon Doury did the programming for this programming masterpiece, one that changes not only shape, but color and size and everything! Take a peek at the video below to see what I mean.

I wouldn’t mind having this installed in my front entrance area. That is, if I ever have one. That is, if I get totally rich and have an amazing mansion with a giant entrance area where this could be installed.

That’d be super!

Designers: Kkristen and Vincent Moreau
Programming: Simon Doury

Firefly interactive lighting by KKristen and Vincent Moreau