Bam Bam Baby

I want my tricycle! When I was a kid, I had a big wheels trike made of thick hard plastic. I took that thing everywhere, complete with handle bar tassels thank you very much. Nowadays living with a delicate footprint is important and thats trickled its way down to kid’s toys. Take for example the Bam Bam Baby trike. Designed out of the mindset of clean lights and small environmentally footprints, Bam Bam Baby is an alternative from injection molded plastic tricycles currently in the market. Made entirely of sustainably harvested bamboo, it’s strong, flexible, abrasion resistant, hypoallergenic, and quite aesthetically pleasing if I do say so myself.

The main body and wheels are designed to be cut out of a flat sheet. This not only makes it economical but also enables flat packing to reduce any excessive packaging. The wheel tread is made from off the shelf rubber o-rings which can be replaced easily when worn down. The pedals are made of recycled aluminum.

Designer: Andrew Grigor